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Fla. House majority leader backs Adam Hasner

State Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, the Florida House majority leader and head of the Miami-Dade legislative delegation, is taking sides in the Republican race for U.S. Senate. Lopez-Cantera, a Miami Republican, is backing former House colleague Adam Hasner, the previous majority leader.

From a press release:

Republican Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera Endorses Adam Hasner For U.S. Senate

Boca Raton, FL - Florida House Republican Majority Leader Carlos-Lopez Cantera today announced his endorsement of Adam Hasner for United States Senate.

"As a small business owner, husband and a father, I'm deeply concerned about the direction of our country and the lack of leadership we see from both parties in Washington. Without a doubt, Adam Hasner is the only candidate Florida Republicans can trust to go to Washington and stand firm for the kind of limited government reforms needed to turn our country around," said Lopez-Cantera. "Having served alongside Adam, I witnessed firsthand his consistent dedication to the mainstream conservative principles of our party, even when they weren't popular. It's time for Florida Republicans to start to unite behind his campaign, so we can begin to focus our attention on winning back the United States Senate and defeating the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda."

"Carlos is an outstanding public servant and a champion for taxpayers, small businesses and free markets," said Adam Hasner. "I'm proud to have Carlos on my team, and look forward to working with him to build a winning grassroots campaign in Miami-Dade County."

Lopez-Cantera joins Dennis Baxley, Scott Plakon, FreedomWorks, Concerned Women for America, American Future Fund, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, Monica Crowley, Ken Blackwell, and Joyce Kaufman in endorsing Adam's campaign for the United States Senate.

About Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Carlos Lopez-Cantera is a small businessman and member of the Greater Miami Realtors Association. He was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to serve on the Property Tax Reform Committee, and by Speaker Marco Rubio to serve on the My Safe Florida Home Advisory Council. A longtime advocate for lower property taxes, Lopez-Cantera sponsored a constitutional amendment to increase Homestead Exemptions for senior citizens, and a constitutional amendment to place a hard cap on property taxes. Lopez-Cantera and his wife have one daughter and live in Miami.


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HASNER Majority leader that gave us REAL ID
HASNER Investigated for ethics violations
HASNER Killed E-Verify before he was for it
HASNER Earmarked $20 million to indicted developer
HASNER Mocked Dems for not supporting rail projects
HASNER co-Sponsored Cap-N-Trade
HASNER Created plan to use $200K in Stimulus for Hybrid Charging Stations
HASNER Advanced Agenda 21 Green Energy Legislation
HASNER Loves High Speed Rail. He voted for it.
HASNER Is weak on State's Rights (See REAL ID)
HASNER Supported Sustainable Development (2008 Campaign Finance Records)
HASNER Taxed for tracks. Voted for Sunrail
HASNER Enjoyed status as self proclaimed MODERATE (Google It)
HASNER Raised fees on everything in Florida (Just go to the DMV)

HASNER will be exposed over the next year as just another Tallahassee politician who has a track record of doing exactly what the special interests have asked him to do. He has a verifiable legislative record and it is nothing even close to a true conservative.

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