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Florida Lottery Gets a Makeover

   It's been 25 years since Florida voters authorized the lottery through a constitutional amendment.

Secretary Cynthia O'Connell, who was appointed by Governor Rick Scott, wants to freshen up the lottery and bring it into the digital age.

Times/Herald reporter Katie Sanders says O'Connell wants to revitalize the lottery's website and build a social media presence.




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How much are they going to waste on it?

Gussying up their social media presence and rebranding themselves won't put extra money in folks' pockets so they can buy lottery tickets.


why doesn't the governor create more jobs? Oh I forgot he already did that. Let's get to work.

David Kearns

Only a matter of time before the Koch scum come sniffing around the lotto program. Or should we say the "looto program." Because you can bet your ais that's EXACTLY what they mean to do with it. It "kills two birds" if they "privatize" 1. It de-funds public education and their wet dream is to kill that, and 2. it opens up more unique opportunities for payola.
Website remake, rename, re-org, and finally redistribute. Get it yet? A band of crafty pirates has taken over your government.And they don't like or particularly care about you, at all, at all, at all.

Lottery Florida

I hope this makeover will result in more profitable wins for clients =D

Euro Millions

My company works between both the UK and US - recent changes to the Euromillions lottery have made a big impact on interest levels with jackpots going through the roof, I wonder if the changes due to be implemented for the MUSL Powerball will have the same effect - if so will the extra revenue generated actually be put back into the State to en-richen the lives of Florida residents?

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