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Florida Together to Diana Cardenas: 'Retract and apologize for your public comments regarding the LGBT community'

An open letter from Florida Together Executive Director Michael Kenny to Diana Cardenas, wife of American Conservative Union board chairman Al Cardenas:

Diana Cardenas,

On behalf of Florida Together which represents more than 80 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) organizations in Florida, I call on you to immediately retract and apologize for your public comments regarding the GLBT community.

Read the complete letter at Steve Rothaus' Gay South Florida blog.


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So GLBTs have a right to free speech but Ms. Cardenas does not?


As I remember we have a right in this country to free speech. The news media cries this everyday. I guess the establishment doesn't like it when there freedoms are used by others especially by a dirty rotten conservative.


@Rick, Yes you have a right to give your speech but do you really consider those things that might be happen? Be considerable, And if you could then this world would be a better place... ^_^

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