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Gallup: tea party voters wild about Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry looks like the tea party favorite right now, according to Gallup's latest survey of Republican presidential candidates showing he receives about 35 percent of the tea party vote. That blows away Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney, who each receive about 14 percent support, with Ron Paul in the hunt at 12 percent.

Among those who don't favor the tea party (a clear majority of the nation according to other surveys), Romney comes out on top with 23 percent, followed by Perry at 20 percent and Paul at 16 percent.

Most notably, Bachmann's support shrivels to 6 percent among tea-party haters, a problem for any presidential candidate who needs a a broader base of support. Still, in a GOP primary in a state like Florida, it's better to have more tea-party support than less. And Bachmann sure can drum up a crowd.


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Richard Wicks

Perry isn't sincere.

Paul is.

Oh well.

George Fuller

The reason for the attraction is not knowing who he is.......

Signed the Dream Act for illegal alien students years ago

Opposes state immigration laws......only bill he has supported was a sanctuary city bill that never passed.

The state has 1.6 million illegal aliens....and he is fine with it....

Tea Baggery

Stupid likes stupid.
Big surprise there.


All these major media conglomerates now speaking for the Tea Party. Wow, that’s credible.

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