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George LeMieux attacks Adam Hasner's record as 'Masquerade Ball'

U.S. Senate hopeful George LeMieux -- a former senator, temporarily appointed by former Gov. Charlie Crist -- is ripping Senate primary opponent Adam Hasner over fees and earmarks.

From LeMieux's press release:

Fort Lauderdale, FL -  Former Tallahassee career politician Adam Hasner has traversed Florida for several months this year as he campaigns for the next rung in his political career path.  During that time he has gone to great lengths to attempt to portray himself as a “true conservative,” a “consistent conservative,” or a “strong conservative,” depending on which mask he selects from his wardrobe on a given day.  There’s only one problem.  His record. 

As a Tallahassee politician, Hasner voted for numerous items that most conservatives oppose.  Of course, Hasner cannot be trusted to inform Florida Republicans about those positions in his non-conservative closet.  So, our campaign is offering a sort of public service.  We are providing voters a behind-the-scenes look at Adam Hasner’s Masquerade Ball.  When you pull back the curtain, you find the true identity of Hasner’s non-conservative record – the one that sits behind the conservative masks he proudly wears.

The Masquerade Ball gown Hasner has chosen on the key issues of taxes and spending is a prime example.  Hasner’s rhetoric simply does not match his record.

  • While Hasner Was In The Legislature, The State Budget Increased By 40%. Hasner Voted For All Of The Budgets. (The state budget passed in 2002, the year before Hasner was in the legislature, was $50.4 billion. (Palm Beach Post, 5/11/02) The last budget Hasner voted for was in 2010 and that was $70.4 billion. (Tallahassee Democrat, 5/28/10.))
  • Hasner Requested Over $92.2 Million In Community Budget Issue Requests (CBIRs), The Florida Legislature’s Version Of The Earmark. (www.myfloridahouse.gov)

  • Even After The Legislature Banned CBIRs, Under Majority Leader Hasner’s Watch, FL Tax Watch Still Identified Over $75 Million In Budget Turkeys In 2009 & 2010. (Florida Tax Watch Turkey Watch Report 2009 and Florida Tax Watch Turkey Watch Report 2010.)

  • In 2006, Hasner Voted For A 13% Increase In State Spending While Combined Population And Inflation Growth Was Only 4%.  (Vote # 1224, 5/5/06, Conf. Rpt. on HB5001.  Florida TaxWatch, April 2010, “Florida Taxation and Budgeting Workshop.”)

  • In 2009, Hasner Voted For New Taxes And Fees Totaling More Than $2 Billion. Hasner's Aide Defended The Tax And Fee Hikes, Saying They Were 'Necessary To Qualify For Stimulus Funds.'(Vote #515, 5/8/09, Conf. Rpt. on SB 2600.  Orlando Sentinel, 5/6/09, “Get Ready to Pay New, Higher Fees.” Politifact Florida, 3/8/10, “Charlie Justice Says The Legislature Raised $2 Billion In New Taxes And Fees.”)

  • Two Years In A Row, Hasner Voted For State Budgets Propped Up With Billions Of Obama Stimulus Money. The budget passed in 2009 was propped up with $5.3 billion in Obama stimulus dollars. Hasner voted for that budget. The budget passed in 2010 was propped up with $2.6 billion in Obama stimulus dollars. Hasner voted for that budget. (Vote  SB 2600, 5/8/09, Vote HB 5001, 4/30/10. Florida Today, 6/11/09; Jacksonville Business Journal, 5/29/09; Miami Herald, 5/28/09; Bradenton Herald, 5/28/09; Bradenton Herald, 5/2/10)

LeMieux campaign manager Brian Seitchik commented, “Our campaign will maintain its focus on where the voters deserve it to be, namely promoting George LeMieux’s great record and vision for our state and country, and comparing George’s conservative U.S. Senate record with incumbent Bill Nelson’s liberal U.S. Senate record.  That said, on occasion, we will feature additional episodes in Adam Hasner’s Masquerade Ball, just to make sure Florida Republicans don’t get tricked by Hasner’s disguises.”


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HASNER Majority leader that gave us REAL ID
HASNER Investigated for ethics violations
HASNER Killed E-Verify before he was for it
HASNER Earmarked $20 million to indicted developer
HASNER Mocked Dems for not supporting rail projects
HASNER co-Sponsored Cap-N-Trade
HASNER Created plan to use $200K in Stimulus for Hybrid Charging Stations
HASNER Advanced Agenda 21 Green Energy Legislation
HASNER Loves High Speed Rail. He voted for it.
HASNER Is weak on State's Rights (See REAL ID)
HASNER Supported Sustainable Development (2008 Campaign Finance Records)
HASNER Taxed for tracks. Voted for Sunrail
HASNER Enjoyed status as self proclaimed MODERATE (Google It)
HASNER Raised fees on everything in Florida (Just go to the DMV)

HASNER will be exposed over the next year as just another Tallahassee politician who has a track record of doing exactly what the special interests have asked him to do. He has a verifiable legislative record and it is nothing even close to a true conservative.


So Hasner is phony. Newsflash! I guess with little Republican support he decided to pretend to be a teaparty kinda guy so he would have some support. Strategic move, but guess he didn't count on his voting record coming out? Did he think all those hardworking, middle-class voters he has been courting don't have internet access?

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