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House Speaker Dean Cannon endorses Rick Perry for president

House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter, Park, on Wednesday announced that he is endorsing Texas Gov. Rick Perry in his run for the GOP nomination for president.  

"I like who is as a person and what he's done as a leader," Cannon said. "He's the kind of person I would have confidence in to be president of the United States.

Like others who back Perry, Cannon cited Texas' record of job creation as a reason for the support.

"In the last two years, 40 percent of the net new jobs in the United States have been in Texas, which is an astounding statistic. If you look at the four most populous states ni the U.S., California, Texas, New York and Florida, California and New York are in terrible shape economically, and in Texas, while the rest of the nation has had significant unemployment, Texas has seen job growth."

Cannon said the country needs someone like Perry who is willing to reduce spending and cut the debt.

"That's what we need to do in Washington," he said. "He's dealt with tough issues like immigration. He's dealt with tort reforum and other issues that have proven to be positive job creators. The results show that."

 Cannon dismissed critics who say job creation in Texas has more to do with growth in the gas and oil industry and the public sector than Perry.

"I just disagree with that characterization," Cannon said. "I can't imagine that it's mathemtically possible for those things to account for 40 percent of the net new jobs inthe country in the past two years. By keeping low taxes, a low regulatory framewrork in place in Texas it has attracted people and jobs from other states like Illinois, Californi, and New York. Capital flows where it's treated best, and the policies Gov. Perry has advanced have treated capital well, and the conomy and job growth in Texas proves that."


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From One Dumb White Conservative Christian to Another.

George Fuller

Cannon says Perry has dealt with tough issues like
immigration!.....IS HE NUTS.....

Perry put in the Dream Act years ago......TX is a sanctuary state with over 1.6 million illegal aliens.....Perry would not support e-verify.....

Perry is totally weak on Immigration


Ha! Dumb conservative Christian? You speak against the Apostle Paul and all the New Testament Christians! You are not only a major Loser, according to God YOU ARE A FOOL! "The fool says in his heart there is no God." Ps. 53:1

William Wallis

Perry is a cult member. No christian.


buckeye one

Is this the same Dean Cannon who was just subponeod in a corruption scandal yesterday????

Tom Apter

I am interested in so many 'knocking' Gov. Perry for professing to be a Christian and openly doing so. This leads to a lot of abuse by so many that only wear their Christianity on their sleeve, I think this may be a breath of fresh air that is surely needed and lacking in our Gov. today. Tom Apter

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