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Marco Rubio to vote against debt ceiling deal

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will vote against Sunday’s deal to raise the federal debt ceiling, a sign that it may be difficult for the Senate to garner the 60 votes needed to pass the critical measure.

Most of South Florida’s congressional delegation plans to support the plan that raises the federal debt ceiling and keeps the federal government from defaulting on its debt.

The plan, which cuts nearly $1 trillion in federal spending over the next decade, also creates a special legislative committee to look for more cuts. Both houses must approve the compromise before Tuesday night, when the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit must be increased to avert a possible economic crisis.

Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos confirmed that the freshman senator was against the agreement. On Twitter, he said he visited the Lincoln Memorial for inspiration. He posted a picture of the visit and wrote: "On eve of important decision that will impact future of nation went to Lincoln Memorial to draw strength from our past."

House Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio spoke to fellow representatives in a conference call Sunday night.

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Will the real Marco Rubio please stand up! This is just too funny, I can't resist, sorry Jeb.

Rubio has been hiding behind David Rivera all this time. They share the same "friends", Esther Nuhfer & Alina Garcia. Marco Rubio is pictured here with both of them in a cult type religious ceremony(real photos) in Puerto Rico. http://www.flickr.com/photos/63622372@N05/sets/72157626753071139/with/5794392008/

Nuhfer collects money from both Rivera and Rubio and is the focus of an ongoing investigation. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/esther_nuhfer/

Garica's daughter Alyn Higgins, who works with Rubio in DC, has also benefited from her Rubio/Rivera ties and is also being investigated. http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/15/v-print/2018396/investigators-look-into-rep-riveras.html

Tom Raines

Good for Marco. A $2.4T cut over 10 years is not even a "rounding error" as compared to the $40T that is projected to be spent.

Heck, truth be told these are not cuts at all - rather they are "decreases in increases".

Even with those over $250k in income paying higher taxes (which adds $700B over ten years in revenue) - you need to cut at least $5 for every $1 in higher tax revenue to address this issue and get to a moderate deficit over several years.

Grats to Rubio. He's done the math and is voting for what's in the best interest of his country - not what is politically expedient for the sake of "compromise" - Lincoln is an appropriate role model for the courage it will take to cut spending at the levels that are needed. Think that is hyperbole? Wait till you see what cuts are *really* needed and how unpopular they are and then say Lincoln had any less support in his decision to go to war.

I agree that the actual results will not be anywhere near those of the civil war (either in terms of cost or righteous benefit); but the screaming and gnashing of teeth to those opposed will be equal to or greater than those against Lincoln.


Excellent decision by Marco Rubio, Im glad i voted for him. Lets get our house in order, no more debt.

Three step plan to raise jobs, eliminate the debt and bring back manufacturing without raising taxes or cutting spending:
#1. Give a 25% income tax break for any household buying greater than 50% of its goods from U.S.A.
#2. Give a 10 year tax moratorium to any company relocating its factories to the U.S.A.
#3. Place a 20% tarrif on all imported goods to give Made in the U.S.A. a boost in the market.
If you like these ideas, tell your friends and elected officials.


He is doing a great job in office. He is a true TEA Party conservative unlike Allen West who was just using the popularity of the movement.

Rubio explains why he was against the deal: http://www.examiner.com/libertarian-in-miami/sen-rubio-debt-deal-does-not-solve-the-problem-only-delays-it

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