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Mike McCalister aide dressed up like Che Guevara

Sagerche Republican Senate candidate Mike McCalister's campaign has some sartorial issues.

First, as we reported last week, McCalister wore his military uniform to a GOP fundraiser. That's a no-no. Then, the story also detailed how a sergeant major, Jeff Shera, noticed he broke Army regulations at MacDill by wearing the wrong cap. Shera also said the first time he met McCalister, after 2001, he wore a badge saying "Mike McCalister, PHd." (The influential Redstate blog has this take/photo lineup).

Sager Now, word is surfacing that McCalister aide Jason Sager who tried to shut down questions about whether McCalister testified before Congress used to play dress-up as well -- as Che Guevara. It was all done in protest years ago to mock and undermine liberals. But it's something that caused Sager trouble when he unsuccessfully ran last year against fellow Republican Richard Nugent, who ultimately won the Hernando-Citrus heavy congressional district.

Sager's outfit and activities on behalf of a group called "Protest Warrior" were just too much for some tea partiers, as this Hernando Today story shows:

"Protest Warrior was a satirical, covert group who crashed anti-war and anti-George Bush protest events and blended in with the group. Members would hold up mock signs purporting to espouse the same liberal views.

"But Mattos, 62, said she has since learned that Protest Warrior had some overt racial discrimination overtones to it and she cannot be a part of that. She found posters on the group's website disturbing."

Sagercrew For many Cuban-American Republicans (70 percent of the GOP electorate in Miami-Dade), dressing up like Che is no laughing matter. Even though Sager was on the side of conservatives and trying to bash liberals, it's just too subtle a form of humor for Miami's exile community to chuckle about. That's especially true when one of your buddies dresses up like Castro.




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Who cares?

Comrade Smirch

You neglected to mention that this group was NOT Protest Warrior it was CommunistsForKerry.com and was formed to highlight the fact that the Communist Party USA had just endorsed John Kerry for President in 2003. These folks were mocking liberals and bringing attention to the endorsement. You also failed to mention that the group was a 527 organization formed by a Republican Club in Brooklyn, NY. This story is no secret, Jason loves telling the stories about this group. You should have called him. He was the one who provided the picture to the original article writer that you have now taken without consent. Oh, Mr. Sager is not an aide to the Colonel. He is simply a supporter and friend.

Great Choice!

I know Jason and I have never met anyone who takes the cause of Liberty and Freedom more seriously then that guy. This attempted hit piece only proves that he will do anything to promote his cause of freedom. Sux if you can't take a joke though. If he is working for McCalister then I support him. Jason and is old crew owned the 2004 election.

Rino Hunter

Sager announced to family and friends in an email he is now the field director for Republican Mike McCalister

Comrade your info is incorrect


Tea Party Voter in Fl.

OMG! McCalister and his gang are MORONS! LOL!!!!

Rob Schellinger

"For many Cuban-American Republicans, dressing up like Che is no laughing matter."

Which ones? Did you poll all of them? The point of dressing up like Che and Fidel is to mock them and the liberals who wish to be like them. CommunistsForKerry and the ensuing ThePeoplesCube are satire sites. Perhaps the Herald needs to pull out their handy dictionaries from time to time.

Comrade ConservativeMuzhelozhstvo

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