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Now you can robocall Rick Scott

Fed up with those RPOF-paid for Gov. Rick Scott robocalls?

Now you can robocall Scott back. The group, PinkSlipRick.com, is letting people record 60-second phone calls that they will then send to Scott's office on Aug. 15.

"He's interrupted you during dinner. He's interrupted you when you're getting the kids ready for bed. He's interrupted us. Dozens of times. For months. Each time with those annoying recorded message phone calls," the group said on its website. "It's time for us to get our revenge!"

The group is asking people to send along their name and phone number, then they'll call you so you can record your message. Dozens of submissions already have been submitted.

"Stop calling me Gov. Scott," says Thomas B. "I would never vote for you if you were the last candidate in this planet. Forget it. You're an idiot. And you're corrupt. And I don't want anything to do with you, or your government. Bye!"

In another call, an 8-year-old girl who identifies herself as Isabel says: "Hi Gov. Rick Scott. My name is Isabel. I am 8 years old. I think you are a bad governor because my school's budget has been cut because of you. P.S., my mom's a teacher and we wish we could give you a pink slip."


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Moya Orr

Hate to tell you, but robo-calls are illegal in Florida, I knew this but googled it anyway. Here's the info from Sept 1, 2009, telemarketers will need written permission from consumers in advance in order to solicit them through automated pre-recorded telemarketing messages, sometimes called robo-calls, the Federal Trade Commission said.


These calls wouldn't be marketing related, and so do not fall into that legally controlled category.


Has anyone really checked to see if Rick Scott and his cronies somehow cheated and manipulated the election through technology. Every day it is more apparant that this guy should not be Governor and you would have to be insane to have voted for him.


Personally, don't waste your time robocalling this jerk. He doesn't realize how the not so well off live and neither does he care. He going to work in the donut shop was just for show. He doesn't care about the Florida residents, he cares about himself and getting his popularity numbers higher. That's all he cares about. Oh yes, that and getting more wealth for himself.

Spy pen camera

He interrupted many people each time with those annoying recorded message phone calls.

Lee Cummins

Governor Scott I agree with you cutting spending in Florida government departments and I applaud you for it but if you really want to cut some fat why don't you let the prisoners in Florida who have non violent crimes out at 65% instead of 85% this will save tax payers 20% and the government a whole lot of money. Thank you.

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