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Raul Martinez leads Hialeah mayor's race? Poll says so but doesn't give numbers

A vague, one-page summary of a poll conducted for the Hialeah firefighters union claims that Raul Martinez leads Carlos Hernandez and Rudy Garcia in the race to become the city's next mayor.

But the summary sent to union members last week does not list the actual results: It just says Martinez, a former Hialeah mayor, "holds a double digit lead" over interim Mayor Hernandez,  and Hernandez "leads" former state Sen. Garcia "by double digits."

It's unclear if the poll included state Rep. Eddy Gonzalez, who dropped out of the mayoral race last week.

The firefighters have been trying to wield more political power in the city after campaigning heavily against former Mayor Julio Robaina in the recent Miami-Dade County mayoral race.

The poll summary was sent to members after Balsera Communications conducted a telephone poll of 300 likely voters from Aug. 13 to 16. The poll's margin of error: a relatively high plus-or-minus 5.6 percent.

Eighty-three percent of the poll interviews were conducted in Spanish. Fifty-nine percent of the respondents were Republican, 27 percent were Democrat and 13 percent had no party affiliation. Eighty-six percent were 56 or older.

The only numbers listed in the memo are favorability ratings -- "just over" 50 percent for Martinez and Robaina -- and job approval ratings: 42 percent for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, 30 percent for Gov. Rick Scott and 35 percent for President Barack Obama.

See the full memo after the jump.

From :  Balsera Communications

Date:    August 18, 2011

Client:  Hialeah Firefighters

RE:       Survey Findings


Polling Memo




A survey of the views and opinions of Hialeah voters was conducted between August 13 -16, 2011 by Balsera Communications.  Using random digit dialing, 300 likely voters were surveyed.  83% of the surveys were conducted in Spanish and 17% were conducted in English. 59% of the respondents are republican, 27% Democrat and 13% NPA.  195 respondents were female and 105 were male. 86% were 56+ in age, 10% were between 40-55 while 4% were between 18-39 years old. The MOE is 5.6%.


Summary Of Results


There were several key findings in the 20 minute survey concerning issues most important to city voters, preferences in the upcoming mayoral and council elections and general opinions of the city, elected officials and city firefighters.


State of City Government:


  • 65% of Voters feel the Financial condition of the city is either average or poor.
  • 26% of Voters feel Waste & Corruption In Government was the top issue followed closely by    Property Taxes and Crime & Safety.  Quality City Services was rated as the fourth most      important issue to voters.
  • 86% of voters feel the performance of the Hialeah Firefighters is either excellent/good.


November Elections:


  • Former Mayor Raul Martinez holds a double digit lead over current Mayor Carlos Hernandez.              Carlos Hernandez leads, third place finisher, former Senator Rudy Garcia by double digits.
  • None of the current council members garners 40% against the field of challengers.
  • All Council members appear to be vulnerable, particularly Jose Caragol, appointee Paul             Hernandez and Isis Garcia-Martinez.  The three incumbents are all tied or within the MOE with       their respective challengers ( Julio Martinez, Frank Lago & Cindy Miel ).
  • In the only open seat Alex Morales has a commanding lead on the field.


General Opinions:


  • Raul Martinez & Julio Robaina lead with the highest favorable rating (both just over 50%).
  • Carlos Gimenez job approval is 42 % ( Approve ) - 32 % ( Disapprove )
  • Rick Scott job approval is 30 % ( Approve ) - 51 % ( Disapprove )
  • Barack Obama job approval is 35 % ( Approve ) - 54 % ( Disapprove )


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Joe Cool

I find it hard to believe that the citizens of Hialeah would vote into office an individual of dubious ethical and moral values. It is an embarrassment to me as a Cuban American, a former Hialeah resident, that Raul Martinez holds a double digit lead in a poll of 300 likely voters. Especially since 59% of the people polled were republicans. This is truly disturbing since Martinez is a democrat. What are the people of Hialeah thinking or better yet smoking? Martinez is a hypocritical egomaniac political hack that has no interest in the welfare of the folks in Hialeah. His only interest is himself and his lapdog cronies.


A vague, one-page summary of a poll conducted for the Hialeah firefighters union "claims" that Raul Martinez leads Carlos Hernandez and Rudy Garcia in the race to become the city's next mayor.
KEYWORD - 'CLAIMS'........ enough said!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2011/08/raul-martinez-leads-hialeah-mayors-race-poll-says-so-but-doesnt-give-numbers.html#ixzz1YOvzeXEz


I woke up and find a permanent huge sticker on my expensive Chevy tahoe from the campaign "Raul martinez" Running for Mayor. Now its impossible to take off. IF I attempt it it ruins the car paint. How do i proceed I want his campaign to pay for this damage of my private property. This was done at my home overnight because it was not there when I arrived. I am extremely upset and would like a suggestion on how to proceed.

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