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Rick Perry becomes a millionaire while in office

Since his first race for office more than a quarter-century ago, Gov. Rick Perry has emphasized his roots as a rural farmer.

Yet Perry's bank account no longer reflects those humble beginnings as his bottom line has soared in recent years, records show, thanks largely to a handful of real estate deals that critics allege were achieved through the presidential candidates' political connections.

In just about every campaign Perry has run since 1989, allegations of his using his position for financial gain have come up. It's an issue that Perry long ago accepted would linger as long as he remains in the public eye.

"I've been in politics long enough to know that this is just a part of doing business," Perry told the Star-Telegram in 1998. "I know full well, as my wife knows, that our private lives, particularly on the financial side, becomes fair game."

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This is exactly whats wrong with politicians. This is corruption and it is well and alive in the Florida Legislature as well as they take handouts from lobbyist and big corporations. Its disgusting and all these people should be in prison, but they have made the laws to benefit them.

George Fuller

The most obvious corruption in the state house is the fact the republicans have controlled the state legislature for 16 years and not passed one immigration bill......they are bought and paid for by the ag industry


It pays to be in politics -- and, it shouldn't. We need a consitutional amendment banning all private funding from campaigns.

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