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RPOF chair to resign Sept. 23

A letter from Dave Bitner to Republican Party of Florida members. Bitner, suffering from ALS, is stepping down as chairman and wants vice-chair Lenny Curry to succeed him.

My fellow Republicans,

When I disclosed a medical diagnosis that comes with tremendous challenges, you opened your hearts and have never wavered in your support. For myself and Wendy, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for those displays of love and kindness.

At the time I first discussed my health with you, I also made a promise that I would serve as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida only as long as I could do so with all the energy and attention this position deserves. I have kept that promise, and it has been the honor of a lifetime to serve you and my beloved Florida.  The position of Chairman was not my life’s ambition, but through prayer and faith I came to understand that it was another opportunity to serve my community.

Today, amidst speculation about my current capacity to serve as your Chairman, I wanted to update you. Whether out of malice or in the interest of political posturing, some who had been entrusted with my thoughts about the future shared that information with the media. Something I would never allow to happen on my watch is for the future of the RPOF to be called into question. So, today, after talking with my wife, my friends, and trusted advisors, I have decided to resign my position as Chairman effective Friday, September 23.

Pursuant to Article IX, section 2, of the Constitution of the Republican State Executive Committee of Florida, I hereby call a special meeting of the State Committee for the purpose of a special election.   Such special meeting shall be held on Friday, September 23 in Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Centre hotel.

In the days between now and that special election, I will continue to work with our Vice Chairman Lenny Curry to advance our Republican vision of making Florida a better place now and in the future. Since our election to Chairman and Vice Chairman, Lenny and I have worked side-by-side on every important RPOF initiative. Through it all, our Vice Chairman has shown the leadership and tenacity that makes our party such an effective political force.

These demonstrations of leadership and commitment to our Republican cause not only make Lenny a great Vice Chairman; they also make him the best qualified leader for our party moving forward to the 2012 elections. Therefore, I respectfully ask for your vote to make Lenny Curry the next Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. Lenny is more than qualified to continue the work I have begun, and there is no need for the party to face a protracted race or divisive infighting. In fact, now is the time for us to come together and focus on moving our state and nation in the right direction.

In closing, I want to reiterate the joy I have had working with you. Now is a time when Wendy and I look to God for his grace and wisdom as we write my life’s next chapter.


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I admire Chairman Bitner for the way he is handling this situation and applaud his support of Lenny Curry for chairman. I hope that the those who have their own agenda will take heed of Chairman Bitner's call for all to come together and focus on moving our state and nation forward. God Bless Chairman Bitner!


Outstanding news!

If Chairman Curry does for the RPOF what he did for the DREC we can expect Florida to go for Obama and Nelson in 2012.


Keep thinking that DuvalDem! You seem to forget what happened in 2010. Can you say Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott, AG Pam Bondi, CFO Jeff Atwater and Ag Sec. Adam Putnam.

Saint Petersblog

With post about Dave Bitner, Javier Manjarres jumps the Shark (Tank)



Hey gopgrassroots, have you heard of Democrat Mayor Alvin Brown who never would have been taken seriously if not for Chairman Curry's inner circle big money donors jumping off the Republican ship to support him?

Curry was so impotent that his pleas to "stay with the your team" were not only ignored, but laughed at.

Good times ahead for Democrats in Florida.

Good times.


To Duval Dem (a Repub in disguise):

Anyone who knows anything about the Jax Mayor's race knows Mike Hogan was a total zero of a candidate. He won the right to a run-off with Brown in a crowded field of Republicans. Lenny Curry did not chose him. He was dealt that card. He (Curry) did an admirable job trying to polish a turd, but alas, you can't polish a turd.

Curry's overall record as Chairman of the Duval REC is exceptional. From fundraising to training, to keeping all the factions in check, he has been a great county chairman and will no doubt be equally exceptional in his new role.

We need more people like Curry in our party leadership -- he's a familyman with REAL business experience running a small and successful business.

My thoughts are with Chairman Bitner, and our next Chairman, Lenny Curry.


After Obama and Nelson cruise to victory next year, Curry and his ilk will blame the Republican nominees for the loss not their own incompetence just like they did Hogan.

Write it down JBlack.


To JBlack aka Mr. Curry... I don't know anything about how or why the Jax Mayor's race went down, but I do know this: Mike Hogan is a fine and honorable man. You however, leave a lot to be desired. Shame on you for attacking such a wonderful person as Mike Hogan.


While I don't agree with JBlack's description of Mike Hogan, he was right on about everything else he said. I do agree with Pitiful that Mike Hogan is a fine and honorable man, but he and his campaign were arrogant and the fact is they never reached out to many Republicans who were ready and willing to help his campaign because they thought they had it locked.

The fact is Alvin Brown is not your typical liberal Democrat. While I doubted his sincerity when espousing his conservatism during the election, he is proving to be a true fiscal conservative. He has included conservative Republicans in his administration and reached out in other ways to Republicans. Mike Hogan would never have reached out to Democrats in the same way.

Chairman Curry did more than any Duval Chair has done to help a mayoral candidate including giving $50,000 out of the Party’s operating funds. As to the Republican donors who supported Brown, there is only one person who can take the blame for that and that is Mike Hogan.


ALS ????? Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Throw a dying man under the RPOF bus....JEEZ..


generous servings of prayer and god and family references....this man has been married five times....five times...what a phony...now we praise him....get real...domestic violence...charges of olitical chicanery.....carousing.....thats what is wrong with the whole darn system....you participate in perpertrating a fraud upon the people by propping Bitner up as a paragon of virtue.....I AM SORRY HE IS DYING ONE OF THE HORRIFIC DEATHS KNOWN TO MAN but dont let fair and balanced reporting and the facts be fatalities to collateral damage


It seems that I'm going to be in a foot race with sevarel others to pull papers to recall the person that makes a motion to eliminate public comment, as well as those that vote to approve those approving of this motion.I have had sevarel emails challenging me to be the first in line to Town Hall to do this. So I say,, BRING IT ON, I'm ready and willing to fight this right to public opinion to the end. So Mr. Haley, the line has been drawn in the sand, and I'm throwing sand in your face. Democracy does not silence those that are not elected by the majority, but it does bring forth those of strong minds.

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