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Scott orders FDLE to investigate his deleted emails

Gov. Rick Scott tonight has ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to pursue the case of missing transition e-mails.

As the Herald/Times reported Thursday, the e-mail accounts from Scott's transition from candidate to governor were deleted from the private computer server where they were stored, potentially erasing public records that state law requires be kept.

Scott has asked law enforcement to investigate why the e-mails were deleted and whether the documents can be recovered.

-- Michael C. Bender


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marc cooper

i think this is a non-issue, as much as i dislike the governor


Except, it's still against the law - even if accidental. Read Ch. 119 of the Florida Statutes.

Saint Petersblog

A must-read this morning: Is Harris Media at the center of Rick Scott's email controversy?


David Kearns

Let's lay out some facts: for some reason still remaining unknown 38,000 ballots were hand rescanned into the voting machines in Hillsborough County in the middle of the night. Hillsborough has had a similar "glitch" 2006, 2008, 2010. Alex Sink needed 26,500 votes to trigger a statewide recount. Kurt Browning, the Werner Von Braun of electronic voting in Florida took his faux retirement and was paid his $500,000 DROP pension, and then was "rehired" by Rick Scott. The emails that detail Scott's decision-making for hiring the likes of Browning, and others, is a story that we are entitled to. THOSE EMAILS BELONG TO US. THEY ARE NO LONGER PRIVATE PROPERTY WHEN THE ELECTION IS OVER. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DESTROY THEM. Nor do officials have the right to be "careless" with them to the extent they disappear. Everyone in this equation KNOWS THIS. Those who claim this is a non-issue; I really have to question where such sentiment comes from. I really have to wonder on whose behalf you are speaking for certainly not Floridians.

Rudolph Hess

Pretty much like Hitler ordered the SS to investigate the concentration camps.

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