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The rhetoric and record of Mike McCalister

For a U.S. Senate candidate campaigning against truth-stretching politicians, Republican Mike McCalister is facing questions about whether he padded his resume and misrepresented his military service.

The retired U.S. Army Reserves colonel has fashioned himself on the campaign trail as an "in the trenches" candidate who participated in "black ops" and even testified before Congress on national security.

But McCalister now admits he never spoke before Congress. He denies ever saying “I testified.” However, he did say the phrase on at least two occasions at campaign events, according to witnesses and videos posted on YouTube.com that stretch back to his 2010 unsuccessful bid for governor.

“If there was any misrepresentation, I accept responsibility,” McCalister, a 59-year-old from Plant City, said Saturday in his first public statements about the issue.

He also makes much of being a small-businessman tree farmer -- though he doesn't appear to make money off it or even sell trees (if a tree falls in the forrest..... If a tree farmer sells no trees, is he still a small businessman?). He does make money working for a pharmaceutical company, but doesn't mention this on the trail, preferring to say he works in healthcare and works with all the med schools/teaching hospitals.

It's all here in this mini-profile of the little-known, but surprisingly strong candidate


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Stick a fork in him...he's done!

Steven Czonstka

This was posted on March 24, 2011

On Whales, Satan Worshipping, Bordellos and US Senate Candidate Colonel Mike McCalister


E. Royce White Jr.

Saint Petersblog

Does Mike McCalister differ from GOP pack on gay rights, abortion issues? I think...


Mrs. Eileen G. Curras widow to Hernandez (WWII)

When I first read the title I thought the article had to do with medical records but it was the record of Mike McCalister on how he change his record to impress voters. Republican Mike McCalister has much to explain but on a city full of people abused, they will never dare to ask anything, but he padded his resume and misrepresented his military service. This testified before Congress on national security is something else and the video on YouTube is enough. People need to question him. This statement that he does make money working for a pharmaceutical company, but does not mention this on the trail must be examined especially with the healthcare issue of working with all the med schools/teaching hospitals. Searching a directory of Florida physicians to find a doctor is not enough. Check their background, education, state disciplinary records, criminal history and malpractice suits is not enough.

Republican voter

McCalister is a FRAUD!

Army mom

This Clown McCalister now admits he never served on the battle field! All this time he mislead us in believing he did. What a JERK!

Sick of Winn's and Caputo's slander

I have seen Col. McCalister's tree farm. It is impressive. Any idiot knows that with the type of trees he has, they aren't sold until their trunks are 6 - 8 feet tall which will be in a couple of years. I have seen his military records and they clearly state that he served on committees that testified before congress and that his research was heavily relied upon for this testimony. When Col. McCalister said he has done it all - he was referring to the theme of his speech of what the job requirements of a US senator are. McCalister did do special ops work and all of you should know that if he tells you about it, he will have to kill you. You posters just want your phony Hasner candidate too win and the sewer level to which you will sink to discredit an honorable military man is beyond disgusting.

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