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U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson heads to Israel

U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson left Sunday for an eight-day trip to Israel, her office announced this weekend. It is the Miami Gardens congresswoman's first trip there, and she is going with a large group of House Democrats.

From the press release:

Washington, DC – Rep. Frederica Wilson (FL-17) today departed on an eight-day trip to Israel with a group of over 25 House Democratic colleagues. The visit is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship and learn first-hand about the complexities of the region, including the peace process, security situation, and important political and economic trends in the region. The trip marks the Congresswoman’s first visit to Israel.

“I’m thrilled to visit Israel for the first time to learn first-hand about one of our closest friends and allies” said Rep. Wilson. “As the only thriving democracy in the region, Israel shares core values with the United States – representative government, freedom, and diversity. District 17 is home to a significant Jewish population and I look forward to deepening the relationship between our two nations and bringing these experiences back to my work in South Florida and in Congress.”

The delegation is scheduled to meet with leaders from across the political spectrum – including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – to gain insight on core issues such as security, diplomacy, trade, and defense cooperation. In addition to meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian officials, the delegation will conduct high-level sessions and briefings with opposition members, military leaders, defense and economic experts, peace negotiators, and religious leaders. The group will also visit Jewish, Christian and Islamic holy sites; key security sites, including the Gaza border and the Golan Heights; cooperative U.S.-Israel defense and technology projects; community centers for new immigrants; military bases; universities; and hospitals.


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octavio de armas

This is why the U.S. Gov. is broke. Why on earth will you need to send 25 House Democratic leaders to Israel for ?
They will waste our taxes there and do nothing but attend parties, eat and drink. Their visit will have no impact on the area.

George Fuller

Part of the perks......looks good on a resume..

A big part of the story will be how many hats she took with her......

I remember the dimwit when she was in the state legislature......one of the bill she introduced was to ban the term "Illegal Alien."

It didn't matter that the official Federal name for people who are non citizens is the word "alien." If they are here legally they are "legal aliens" and if they are here illegally they are "illegal aliens"

Frederica is the poster child result of the idiots pointed out in society with the statement beside them that says "And They Vote"


Israel does this on a regular basis to keep OUR representatives in their pocket.

This is a segregated apartheid society and it needs to be CRUSHED, not coddled.

Time to join the international boycott and make it happen.




Dog and pony show, hasbara at its most transparent.

To find out how much your alleged Representatives are getting from pro-Israel groups look it up at www.opensecrets.org

Frank Indelicato

U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson needs to concentrate on the problems we have here in the United States. Zionism is the source of many of the conflicts in the middle east and by visiting Israel (whose government is dominated by Zionist) she is supporting them. I hope that she visits areas in the West Bank and Gaza and comes to realize that we need to support the Palestinian people in their struggle to be free of the oppression they suffer under.

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