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Video: Mike McCalister lies about testifying before Congress

For a few days now, U.S. Senate candidate Mike McCalister has been ducking questions about how he represents his military record on the campaign trail. We caught up with him Saturday.


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nice reporting

Rarely do I coment here. But nice reporting Marc. That guy is a joke and not ready for primetime. And who is that douchey press flak? What a total loser.


See Caputo in action! My post:


"The Colonel has to use the restroom" is my new favorite excuse.

Dannah Cohen

In was at a few events where McCalister spoke and he did imply about testifying to Congress regarding national security issues.


He's history!

Paul Henry

Yes indeed! God forbid we elect anyone that's not an attorney (43 of 50 current Senators list "Attorney" as professional experience according to congressmerge.com). We may get some bills the average person can read. How dare this guy even think about running! He's got no experience. At his age, he should have been term-limited out of at least one elected office by now.

We need equal time for the Republicans to damage the Constitution as they did with the Patriot and REAL ID Acts the last time they were in power. The Democrats currently have the lead with health care. Either of the other two main candidates will help to ensure this takes place. I'm sure we'll even get some good "national cap and trade legislation" from one of them, seeing as how he already has experience with that phrase.


Do one of those camera things with LeMieux. He likes to brag that he voted "no" on the Kagan Supreme Court nomination. Only thing is he knew darn well that there were not going to be enough "no" votes to stop her. So his "no" was no more effective in keeping her off the court than a "yes" would have been. The only thing that could have blocked the nomination was a filibuster, which according to Senate rules, any senator can start. LeMieux didn't filibuster. So LeMieux didnt' do all he could possibly do to block the Kagan nomination. LeMieux misleads voters when he says he "opposed" the Kagan nomination. His opposition was like opposing the rain without bothering to open the umbrella.

Fl. Republican voter

This guy is a MORON! 16 times he mentioned that he was in the military in a debate! OMG! Do you have to pat yourself on your back that much to get a vote? I also read his book page 7 he is very weak on abortion as well. This guy is done. Hasner is my guy now!


Adam Hasner will win this primary, unless of course Jeb Bush enters the race.

Saint Petersblog

Does Mike McCalister differ from GOP pack on gay rights, abortion issues? I think...


Dan in Osprey

Just FYI, I briefly met McCalister at a RCSSC event a week or so ago. The format there only allowed for one-minute intros by the various “meet & greet” candidates. He seemed to be a likeable guy.

Since then I’ve been doing some due diligence on checking out candidates. At a different event Adam Hasner talked a pretty good conservative line, but came across as a bit flaky and lightweight to me. Bottom line for me at this point – I haven’t made up my mind and am open to all the republican senatorial candidates, including Hasner – except one.

With my genuine military background (Enlisted experience: USN Reserve active duty at boot camp – Great Lakes – and reserve cruise as an E-2 and two years Ready Reserve) and then my commissioning in OCT 1968 at Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI (after graduating from college), my assignment to Advanced ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) school in Pensacola, a year of studying Arabic at the Defense Language Institute (DLI), then five more years on active duty mainly working out of Rota, Spain, but chasing bad guys all over the Med, Middle East, and even on one mission to the Black Sea, and finally spending 18 more years in the USN Ready Reserve in the Naval Security Group (the Navy’s cryptological arm), retiring as a Commander, I can “smell” fraudulent or exaggerated military records a mile away.

As you also know, I spent 26 years full-time at the US National Security Agency, retiring as an SES2 in the Senior Cryptologic Executive Service (SCES), the DoD equivalent of a two-star general/admiral. I had security clearances WAY past mere “TOP SECRET.” I had so many I couldn’t keep track of them, so whenever I went to a meeting my secretary had to check and remind me of the “tickets” required for that particular meeting.

Why am I telling you all that? To brag about me? No. Because McCalister has been out there bragging about his illustrious military background, billing himself as “COLONEL MIKE McCALISTER” in “Special/Black” OPS, and “testifying to Congress” as a worldwide “special operations subject matter expert.” He’s also made a big deal out of having had a “TOP SECRET” clearance. In fact, he never testified before Congress, but accompanied some general officer as a back-bencher, as I sometimes did before the HPSCI (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence).
Nothing wrong with being a trusted back-bencher, it’s an important role, and I enjoyed and was proud to do that at NSA, but I’d never morph that over into ME “testifying.”

Also, beware anyone who brings up or brags about their security clearance(s) and “access” and “special knowledge.” The folks who truly and genuinely were deep into the intelligence community and special operations NEVER boast or otherwise brag about that sort of thing. Finally, McCalister running hard as “COLONEL” McCalister suggests that he was a career active duty guy when in fact he had three or four years active duty, depending on what you count. And BTW, I NEVER include my 18 years of two-week ACDUTRA deployments, and of course not weekend drills, as “active duty.” That would be disgraceful, IMHO.

I was furious when Connecticut elected Richard Blumenthal to the Senate. He’s a total scumbag who claimed on numerous occasions to have served in Vietnam when he never ever set foot there. Ditto “Unfit for Command” John Kerry and his three phony Purple Hearts (Still waiting for his long-promised release of his actual military records. . .). Cockroaches like these need to be squashed.

As documented in the book “Stolen Valor” we have had phony – and exaggerated – military “vets” throughout our country’s history. We currently have a plague of them, since today military service is respected by much of the population and electorate.

If McCalister had simply listed his honorable service – with details and a DD214 – I would have regarded that as an “up-check” (a Navy technical term. . .) for him. He apparently did some good things while on active and reserve duty, but he should have left that as an important footnote in his resume. Instead, by exaggerating, boasting, and almost running on his illustrious military record, he has disgraced himself. And if he was such a “must select” for BG, why didn’t that happen? His entire responses to date are extremely lame to anyone who actually knows anything about the military and the intelligence worlds.

I can’t bring myself sober or drunk to vote for Bill Nelson, but if McCalister is our nominee I’m sitting that one out.

There’s a special place in Dante’s Inferno for folks who claim or steal other people’s genuine valor. Civilians don’t understand it at all, but there is a reason that the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Boorda, committed suicide – and by shooting himself in his heart – over what the media called a “silly plastic V” on his Viet Nam service medal/ribbon. These are extremely sensitive and serious issues to military folks.

Just my rant of the day.



This guy only raised $12,000 in his campaign. Nobody likes a LIAR! This guy is done!


My. Favorite. Ever. Great job, Marc. Hello Candidates? Please learn from this.

Republican voter

McCalister is a FRAUD!

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