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Wife of Jim Greer touts TV report, says it will expose GOP "corruption, lies, crimes"

Last week, former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer's lawyers went on offense in his criminal case by deposing some top Republicans. Now, Greer's wife, Lisa Greer, is getting her shots in by promoting a show that she says will expose how her husband was set up (he'saccused of ripping off the party for $125k via a fake fundraising company).

Here's Mrs. Greer in her own words via a flurry of text messages:

"I sent this out to my friends tonight. Please visit www.wtsp.com at 11:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow night for a hard-hitting, accurate investigative report months in the making that will finally expose how some of your most prominent elected officials, consultants and lobbyists orchestrated the takedown of an honorable chairman, husband and father to cover their own corruption, lies and crimes. This is just the beginning. Wait for the book...

"Jim and I were interviewed and the producers felt the media at large had ignored the injustice to our family while glossing over the real corruption within the party, some of its elected officials, lobbyists and consultants. Jim was merely the scapegoat due to him protecting Crist. Other reporters are now calling as the see what this really is. The biggest story is yet to unfold."

Well, we've got the popcorn.

Here's the first installment. Despite the hype of, though, there doesn't seem to be anything new here, save Greer going on record/camera.


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buckeye one

If Jimbo is really sincere he will blow the lid off all these crooks Republican bums!
Can't wait to see Trasher, "little" Marco, "loose" Cannon and Haridope all wearing orange jump suits at federal lock up.
Please expose these P O S and run the RPOF out of Florida!

Uh Oh

I would imagine that George Lemiuex and Adam Hanser are not getting a lot of sleep these days. Anyone turning to a single Republican who served in Tally over the past several years to solve their Federal problems really has not paid attention to Florida politics. I hope this begins the taking out the old way of doing business trash.


Dream on folks. Jim Greer is a piece of cr*p. Always has been always will be. I doubt anyone is losing any sleep over the ramblings of Greer or his wife!

Delmar Holding on Line 3, Jim

Jim's looking at Casey Anthony and thinking, "Hey, she got off and my car doesn't even stink!"

But then again, Casey Anthony didn't have Delmar Johnson about to drop the dime on her.

Incidentally, for a guy crying about not being able to put food on the table it looks like to me he's gone back for seconds at the pie table.


Greer was a Known crook. I remember when he advocated a specific plan to remove the fiscal and religious conservatives, especially those who supported Marco Rubio and Ron Paul. He was using the County Chairs & State Committee to register unfounded grievences to remove them from RECs. I remember him saying there were too many conservatives in this party. The problem we have is that these parasitic politicians in both parties will promise anything but their only goal is personal profit at public expense.

buckeye one

Greer's got the good on all the corrupt Repiggies and there are plenty of them. He knows where all the dead bodies are buried.
I think Trasher, Haridope, Cannon and Little Marco just soiled themselves.


Buckeye, the only thing dead around here is that blob in the six inch space between your ears. LOL!

Sally, The real Conservative Diva!

@ buckeye one, Marco was given a Republican cooperate card and he was allowed to use it in any way he could as long as he reported it and paid it off in which he did. Marco did nothing wrong but nice try though. LOL! And as far as Greer is concern... He deserves all that is coming to him! The man was a bad man!!!


We do have the head crook and the one responsible for this and being Best friends with every known crook in Florida. He is the lead crook. Do not know how the teflon don does it. Oh if they pay back stolen money it is not a crime. See if an average american citizen could do that and get away with it. Only Charlie Crist.


Want whoever covered up those ponzi schemes to rot in hell.

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