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DNC chair Wasserman Schultz: Florida will reject "radical" Rick Perry

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on hand at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa for tonight's CNN debate providing reporter after reporter with Democratic talking points.

"This election is going to be a very clear choice," the Broward County Democrat said. "Tonight these republicans will worship at the altar of the tea party. They will continue to try to out extreme and out right wing each other. They will continue to ask nothing of the wealthiest and most fortunate Americans. Contrast that with President Obama and Democrats. We are focused on helping revive small businesses and the middle class, trying to make sure that we can focus on specific job creation."

While she would not say which Republican she sees as the toughest competitor, she suggested she would love to see Rick Perry try to win Florida in the general election: "I just don't see someone like him, who wrote a book that specifically declared Social Security unconstitutional, a Ponzi scheme, and a monstrous lie and then underscored that at the debate a few weeks ago. I just don't see how someone with his radical point of view is going to get a lot of mainstream support here in Florida. This is a right down the middle state, a state where I think it's 60 percent of the electorate are senior citizens. We're going to make sure that it's very clear to Florida voters what a Rick Perry presidency would mean to them."

Posted by Adam C. Smith