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PolitiFact Florida: Alan Grayson claims U.S. sent $360 million "straight to the Taliban"

Democratic ex-congressman Alan Grayson is talking about the Taliban again.

The first time -- when he not-so-subtly compared his opponent in the 2010 election to the Taliban -- didn't work so well. See, previous paragraph (i.e., ex).

But Grayson is back, preparing to run for Congress after losing to Republican Dan Webster.

In an e-mail to supporters (subject line: "Iraq: I Did My Part") on Sept. 1, 2011, Grayson wrote about the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, which released its final report on prevalent waste and fraud among taxpayer-paid contractors in those countries. The bipartisan commission determined the U.S. government lost between $31 billion and $60 billion to waste and fraud as a result of ineffective oversight of contract spending.

Grayson elaborated in his e-mail: "In fact, $360 million of our tax dollars went straight to ... the Taliban. Wow. Who could have imagined that? Well ... me."

Grayson made a name for himself in Congress for attacking military contracting waste. So, is he right about tax dollars going to the Taliban? Read on!


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Grayson is correct.
When the Republican-controlled congress passed numerous reconstruction bills for IraK and Afghanistan, Republicans even included a provision that contractors would NOT be penalized for shoddy work!

Republicans' corporatism at its finest!

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