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FL Republican Party dis by Jon Huntsman, "homo unelectable"

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Oops. Missed this from Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign (hat-tip to The Buzz, and my old mentor Brian Crowley): The going-nowhere Florida campaign is going to New Hampshire in part. And, where it once boasted that the Florida straw poll was central to Huntsman's hopes, the campaign is now saying the Republican Party of Florida event is "diminished." 

That's a tough one to argue.

The only thing that's clearly diminished in this campaign is Huntsman, who has gone from the middle single digits in the polls to a single digit: 1 percent support. That means if a candidate had the name "Undecided," Huntsman would lose by a factor of 3 in Florida.

Huntsman's decision wasn't prompted by Rick Perry's announcement that he'd campaign and participate full-bore in the Presidency 5 straw poll and debate hosted by RPOF. Huntsman's folks have been grousing about the straw poll for a while and made this decision recently.

In fact, Huntsman is almost looking like a political ally of Perry. Huntsman's decision to go all-in in New Hampshire is the best thing for Perry -- Huntsman is likely to place well in the Granite State, where liberal and moderate voters can cross party lines and vote in the primary (unlike Florida, which is a closed primary state). So Huntsman will syphon votes that likely would go to Mitt Romney.

Huntsman hasn't been so buddy, buddy with Perry, though. He had suggested Perry was "anti-science" after the Texas governor made comments that questioned evolution and man-made climate change. "Suggested" is a key word because when Huntsman was actually asked who he was talking about in the debate, he ducked the question entirely. He also tried to deflect a question to his campaign manager, John Weaver (that's one way to earn $217k, John).

The Daily Show highlighted this (and a bunch of other funny highlights) last night, where it punned off Huntsman's evolution comments to call him "homo unelectable." Here's the whole segment:

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