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Fla Insider Poll: Mitt Romney seen as strongest candidate to beat Barack Obama in Florida

Florida’s most experienced political professionals are closely divided on whether Rick Perry or Mitt Romney will win Florida’s Republican presidential primary, but overwhelmingly they see Romney as the stronger candidate to beat Barack Obama in Florida. 
More than 100 of Florida’s sharpest political minds participated in the latest St. Petersburg Times Florida Insider Poll  - including campaign consultants, lobbyists, activists - and the results were striking: Two thirds of Democrats and two thirds of Republicans pegged Romney as the stronger general election candidate, though Republicans were considerably more confident than Democrats that Perry would win Florida’s crucial presidential primary early next year. 
Half the Republicans predicted Romney would win the primary and 41 percent predicted Perry. Among Democrats, 56 percent expected Perry to win the primary and 37 percent said Romney.
"Lets face it, Rick Perry is comfort food! Like pot roast, mashed potatoes, and extra gravy it feels good going down, then comes indigestion in the morning. Mitt is more of a balanced diet, high on vegtables, low on sweets, a recipe that is likely to win the blue ribbon on election day," said one Republican. 
"Gov. Perry has the charisma and the track record to run the table. Romney looks too much like a Washington Insider despite his protestations to the contrary. Newt is both qualified and very bright but has more baggage than a busload of Junior Leaguers a trip to NYC," countered another Republican.

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