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Florida reaction to Obama's jobs speech

President Barack Obama urged Congress Thursday night to back his new $447 billion jobs package, saying repeatedly that they should "pass this jobs bill" and "you should pass this jobs plan right away."

Here's how some South Florida members of Congress reacted:

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.: "So there are some things that the President outlined that I think we can be supportive of, but my problem with this, quite frankly, is that a lot of it just won’t work. A lot of it sounds like things we’ve already tried, such as more government spending. $800 billion didn’t create jobs, how is $447 billion going to create jobs? So, ultimately I think the problem is there are some things in there that are good, but by and large, it’s a proposal based on things that just won’t work, haven’t worked in the past and they won’t work in the future." 

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.: "I think the President did a good thing by making jobs expansion priority number one, and I think we can do more.  For example, fixing the economy by straightening out the banking system so that it can loan to small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy in Florida.  And by so doing, getting community banks to be able to lend to mom-and-pop firms to expand, it provides a lot more jobs. That’s critical to Florida."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston: "Tonight we heard from our President about his vision for moving America forward. He described how the American Jobs Act will help make a difference right now to improve our economy and create jobs --now -- without adding a cent to the deficit," Wasserman Schultz said. "It’s fully paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes and asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share."

"Next week we’ll be taking a look at the American Jobs Act here in Congress, and I plan to talk with my colleagues over the next week to encourage bipartisan support for this much-needed boost to our economy."

Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami: "The president is committed to creating jobs of the future and rebuilding our economy the right way – based on fairness, hard work, responsibility, and opportunity – not through outsourcing, corporate loopholes, reckless financial deals, or special tax breaks for Big Oil and the wealthy. The time is now for Congress to put jobs first."

Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami:  "President Obama once again mentioned the United States’ pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea as a potential area for economic growth and job creation in our country.  His own administration estimates that the three agreements could create upwards of a quarter of a million American jobs. The three pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea would open up new markets for American companies, and put people back to work, especially in South Florida where we are experiencing above average unemployment levels."

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami: "What we heard today from President Obama was nothing other than the same failed policies that have accelerated our country down the road of bankruptcy. For the past two and half years, President Obama has spent nearly $1 trillion on his failed stimulus. The facts point out just how disastrous the President’s policies and out-of-control spending have been to all Americans with unemployment soaring at 9.1%, the downgrade of our credit rating, and anemic economic growth."

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehntinen, R-Miami: "I am glad to hear the President express support for the pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard from him before.  What we need is action, not more words, and I heard no pledge for action. For more than two years, Republicans have been waiting for the President to send these job-creating free trade agreements to Congress. But the Administration has offered nothing but rhetoric, delays, and constantly moving goalposts. Removing unnecessary trade barriers with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea would immediately expand opportunities for U.S. businesses and create thousands of new jobs for hard-pressed Americans, without spending a cent. We have heard enough speeches.  It’s time for the President to finally send the agreements to Congress, where Republicans will be their strongest supporters."


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The nerve to use a Join Session of Congress for his campaign sppech!


outsourcing is the biggest issue. Penalize the companpanies who outsource by increasing the tax. Other wise this 450 B also goes to India and China


it is look like a hand full of sweet put into the sea to make it sweet. production based jobs to
substitute imports at an affordable wage. increase
in local public transportation to cut expense in
spending for gas. importance to local agriculture
then to the food processing units are the only way


The republicans will not support this because they do not want to make their masters the wealthy and big corporations pay more. They want them to have tax breaks and loopholes while the middle class suffers. They want the middle class private sector workers pitted against government workers and have created and used the tea smokers to do this. The Republicans have sold out the middle class for a buck. Wake up Florida - vote out all the republicans they are disgraceful.


this was not a presidential speech at all...i was once hopeful, now I hear a petulant, arrogant, condescending man who thinks it's all about what "other" people have or have not done. Is that leadership? No.

Unfortunately, i do not see anything from the "other" side either.

USA - we are in trouble. Where are the great leaders?

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I will repeat myself. Why people continue to believe to such words? Such number is impossible to be reach, even if you live in United States.

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There is no way to happen. Almost 80% of the "printed" money will go to the weapon manufacturing and wars. What about the health insurance, education?

Tom Palmer

You will hear from the people, and it won't take 14 months. Rhetoric is necessary but ACTION is essential. Talk about having tried that before, how about those "parroted" words from the T-Party and their minions. AK, above, has outlined what must be another program. Give
Tax cuts to corporations who bring outsourced jobs BACK TO OUR SHORES, pro rata, based on their volume. Let all the rest keep them BUT tax that unamerican action with a LUXURY TAX..,.. PRO RATA.

Domenick A. Bottini III

Evidently, Senator Rubio does not think that the first stimulus did anything? It greatly
stabilized the economy and is was much less
than what was requested so the Republicans
could doom it to failure. The current proposals given last night by President Obama
are now more focused on helping small businesses do more hiring. Don't ever forget
that under two President Bushs and President
Clinton, $495 trillion disappeared through
fraud ridden sub-prime mortgage securities.
That's $495,000,000,000.00 and that is why
aggregate demand is so depressed. Furthermore,
until our political leaders have the courage to
stop the mortgage foreclosures immediately and
put back previous foreclosed owners if possible, nothing else is going to happen with economic recovery. At least not till 2017 and maybe later. See current issue of TIME magazine with proposal to bulldoze the very old foreclosed homes to eliminate the inventory and help with market appraisals. Cleveland did such a program to shrink the city's boundries for services. The better idea is restore the dispossessed homeowners to their homes and an immediate STOP on anymore foreclosures by the banks under threat of federal and state criminal prosecution for fraud. Read yesterday's Jacksonville Daily Record about the sharp rises in the Consumer Price Index for NE Florida this year, almost 5%. We are now entering the more developed stages of STAGFLATION. Major food companies
are convinced that they can now recover lost
profits with sharp price increases ( 20% and more for food alone). The cause of the sluggish recovery is the foreclosed housing supply, unwillingness of bankers to make SBA type loans, and much of what the President
proposed last night attacks this problem.
Finally, my prediction is that only about half of what he proposed will be enacted. The
republicans are more concerned about winning
the 2012 election than helping the economy now. For this very reason, President Obama will be re-elected. The public will suffer now
and the republicans will lose in 2012.
Remember that Paul Volcker predicted this to happen back in 2003 and 2004.

Domenick A. Bottini III


Make the US Corporate Tax JUST competitive with any other major manufacturing country to get industry back to U.S. Stand up to China, make them stop deflating their currency, AND/OR make them compete with our cost by adding sufficient Import Tariffs. Open Free Trade with Panama, Columbia, Brazil. Stop the suppression of our own Oil and Gas Industries, issue new leases. Stop subsidizing oil companies, but then allow them to drill on new leases. Stop pandering to Wall Street and Big Banks (yes, most of Obama's corp. financial support came from Wall Street). Reduce the power of collective bargaining and encourage more "right to work" states....honor the agreements in place, but understand that Unions have destroyed America's competitiveness. People want jobs. Unions want people's dues. Without big corporations and manufacturing firms, small businesses have fewer places to sell their goods, fewer people have skilled labor jobs. Sending $230 billion to states to balance budgets and pennies to infrastructure isn't going to create ANY new jobs. The other $220 billion is the payroll tax holiday----and people are merely going to throw that in their savings accounts. This president and administration can't job their way out of a paper bag.

Bruce Alexander Minnick

The wealthy conservatives of the right wing are desparatly trying to pull their gold-plated chestnuts out of the political fire and avoid the growing voter/taxpayer ire. Republicans are intentionally confusing the issue of "who pays more dollars in as federal income taxes" (answer: the wealthiest Americans do), compared to "who pays in more of a percentage of their total imcome as federal income tax" (average middle American taxpayers and the working poor always do.) To shed more light on this issue I thought it might be nice to ask the incoming president of the Florida Senate (Don Gaetz Florida's richest legislator) to take a little test of "fairness" below:
Assumed facts: (1) Billionaire Billy Bob Perry collects $100 million from various investment sources but thanks to his army of accountants only has to pay $3 million in federal income taxes. (3%)
(2) President Barack Obama earns $10 million from the sale of his book and his presidendial salary, but thanks to skilled accountants and tax lawyers Mr. Obama only pays $1.5 million as his "fair share" of federal income taxes. (15%)
(3) President Obama's favorite chef at the White House earns $360,000 as the White House executive chef and pays in $90,000 in federal income taxes. (25%)
(4) Finally, the chef's administrative assistant earns $90,000 but because she has 3 kids she only has to pay $9,000 in federal income taxes that year. (10%)

Comparing these four American taxpayers, who do you think is paying "enough" in federal income taxes?

a. Is it billionarire Billy Bob Perry who rakes in $100 million, pays $3 million and gets to keep $97 million?
b. Or is it President Obama, who receives $10 million, pays $1.5 million and gets to keep $8.5 million?
c. Or is it the White House chef who earns a salary of $360,000 and gets to keep $270,000?
d. Or is it the chef's secretary who earns a salary of $90,000 and gets to keep $81,000?
Finally: Who among these four America taxpayers
would you swap places with?

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