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Former employees wants to impeach Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll

Carletha Cole, who lost her job after going public about squabbles inside Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll's office and is now involved in an FDLE investigation over an possibly illegal audio recording, sent a press release this morning calling for the impeachment of her former boss.

"The people shall have the right to secure and sustain trust of government against abuse," Cole says in the release. "Jennifer neglected to faithfully perform the duties of lieutenant governor, to support and protect and defend the Constitution."

The state Constitution allows the state House and Senate to impeach the lieutenant governor for "misdemeanor in office."

Cole accuses Carroll of "tampering" with an FDLE investigation in March, when Cole says her trash can was set on fire with a lit cigar from Carroll's travel aid after a "spirited staff meeting."

"If it were not for the heroic acts of another employee who smelled smoke and startled by the flames, acted quickly to put out the fire with a nearby floral arrangement, the state would have suffered tremendous damage to its property," Cole said.

More from Cole:

"In that staff meeting, myself and another staffer complained that the office environment had become intolerable, embarrassing and extremely unprofessional due to the behavior of the lieutenant governor's travel aid and scheduler, habitually withholding pertinent information as it relates to travel and event details, therefore leaving the office completely unprepared to handle day-to-day activities or to respond intelligently to queries.

"In this meeting, the lieutenant governor stated they acted on her behalf and did as instructed. Therefore, Jennifer accepted full responsibility for creating a mean spirited, disrespectful, unprofessional, hostile work environment. This is not acceptable, not even with an apology!"

She adds: "Impeach Jennifer Carroll for abuse of power. ... Jennifer Carroll has abused her authority one too many times."


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wayne arnold

The key word here is "former" employees. Evidently, they are disgruntled about their perceived experences in the Lieutenant Governor's office. It is a leap to high to suggest the impeachment of the Lt. Governor for an abuse of power. Ms Carroll has the right to have the staff she chooses to run her office.

Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

Wayne Arnold did not read the article, it seems, for Ms. Cole is a "former" employee only because the Lt. Gov. sought revenge and fired her--that, alone, is sufficient grounds to impeach Jennifer Carroll who deliberately attempted to cover-up wrong doing in her office.

Robert Jenkins

yes it is a crime in Florida to tape a person without their knowledge. If the firing was a retalitory act,; that to is a civil rights violation. If all of this is true; there are grounds for impeachment. As Johnny Cochran would say; If she was fired for being a snitch. You have no choice but to impeach this B..ch! lol

Charlene Bratton

As a citizen of the Great State of Florida, a Republican voter, a woman, I've been very proud of Jennifer Carroll in her position as Lieutenant Governor. I met her personally last February in Tallahasse at the FFRW Convention. I recently heard her speak Sept 22, in Orlando at Presidency 5, CPACFL, and the FFRW Convention. She's a remarkable woman and will take this challenge in stride, replacing Carletha with a more competent, loyal, and trustworthy employee. (Nassau County)

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