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Gallup: Obama's approval rating slipping among Jewish voters

Republican Senate candidate Adam Hasner, who has close ties to the Republican Jewish Coalition, is highlighting the breaking Politico story about a national Gallup poll, noting that an estimated 5 percent of Florida's voting population is Jewish:

"President Barack Obama’s support among Jews has dropped, new data shows.

Four out of 10 Jewish Americans currently disapprove of Obama, according to polling data provided to POLITICO by Gallup, which has yet to post the numbers on its website.

This 40 percent disapproval rating is 8 percent higher than the 32 percent disapproval rating among Jewish Americans that was last reported by Gallup in June.

While Obama still remains popular with Jews, the data, from a poll conducted Aug. 1-Sept.14, is the latest concrete indication that the president is facing worsening problems among a key group.

Obama’s approval rating among Jewish Americans is also down to 55 percent - a five point drop from his approval rating in June, which stood at 60 percent.

Together, the rise in disapproval and dip in approval ratings are a net negative 11 point downturn for Obama among Jews....."

 The news comes on the heels of the Democrats' stinging defeat in the NY-9 Congressional race, and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz' not-so-honest response to it.