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Gov. Rick Scott skips tea party debate, heads north

Gov. Rick Scott attended a Tea Party Express rally in Jacksonville on Saturday, but won't be watching the group's Republican presidential debate tonight in Tampa.

He's off to Philadelphia for Republican Governor's Association meetings and has a dinner scheduled for tonight during the debate.

We're told Scott, who said he's watched "parts" of the previous GOP debates, is also planning to spend time in New York on Tuesday, where he'll attend a fundraising dinner (still checking who's raising the funds...) and Wedneday for some media interviews.

Scott said he hopes the presidential candidates talk about creating jobs during he debate tonight, which starts at 8 p.m. and is hosted by CNN and the Tea Party Express.

"Without jobs we don't have the money for any of the safety nets we have, we can't afford any of the government programs we have, so it's jobs. That's what I'd ask them about," Scott told reporters today.

-Times/Herald reporter Katie Sanders contributed to this post.


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Robert Allen Schledwitz

Perry is going to be AWOL from another GOP/TP debate again tonight? Rumor has it he didn't like debates much when running for governor of Texas either. Is this a weakness or hidden fear of his? Or does he feel so above his challengers that he doesn't have to appear? Maybe he is afraid he will drop another "Ponzi scheme" bomb like he did in the last debate. His absence will speak volumes about his character. Nothing like giving your opponents national coverage to talk about you behind your back and not be able to respond. This, of course, could work very well for him by making him seem totally above the other candidates or it can backfire major league if the hall is filled with angry seniors on Social Security who wanted some explanations from him concerning what for most is their only financial life line in old age. We shall see.


Rick Perry will be there it's Rick SCOTT that's going to the governor's conference. Social Security IS a 'ponzi scheme'. The definition of a ponzi scheme is money coming in today, goes to pay those who are already in the system and those paying in today are depending on money coming in from younger workers to pay them in the future.....that's exactly what the SS system is. Rick Perry has made it clear his fix will NOT affect those on SS today or going into the system in the near future. We need to pay close attention to those who are spreading rumors and do our own investigations.

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