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Jeb Bush forms company to get into the disaster response business

Former Jeb BushFlorida Gov. Jeb Bush is getting into the for-profit disaster response business. A veteran of emergency response operations -- having personally weathered Hurricane Andrew and then shepherded the state through 7 mega-hurricanes as governor -- Bush has joined forces with O'Brien's Response Management, an emergency planning company, according to a story in the Maritime Executive on its web site today.

According to the Maritime Executive's story, O'Brien's is a a wholly owned subsidiary of  SEACOR Holdings Inc. and joined forces with Bush's company, Old Rhodes Holdings LLC to help the company expand into new markets. "O’Brien’s provides emergency planning, disaster response, preparedness consulting, crisis communications and regulatory compliance services to corporations and governments,'' the report says.

“We are pleased to enter into this partnership with one of the leading response organizations in the United States, backed by SEACOR’s global network,” Bush said. “Together we look forward to helping a broader array of organizations and communities become more resilient through preparation, response, communication and recovery.”

Old Rhodes Holdings LLC was formed on Aug. 30, 2011, with Bush's former general counsel Rocky Rodriquez serving as his registered agent, according to the Florida Division of Corporations. Bush and Amar Bajpai are the only officers. The two also formed Britton Hill Partners. Both companies are based on Coral Gables.

“We have a long history in the oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors and believe there are significant opportunities to diversify our existing products and services into new markets,” said Charles Fabrikant, executive chairman of SEACOR Holdings told Maritime Executive. “O’Brien’s will also continue our international expansion in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and particularly Asia.” Fabrikant added. “Governor Bush has unparalleled experience in crisis management, as he helped guide Florida through some of the most significant natural disasters in its history. He will be integral to our ongoing growth initiatives and we welcome him to the team.”


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This family's hunger for public money knows no bound. Wait till the next disaster; who do you think will get the contract for the cleanup.


Well said Andres...more political pork for the rich and affluent...folks like Senator Alexander and Bush continue to rape the benefits of state government while trashing government, and idiots keep supporting them.


Sorry folks- but shouldn't that be the government's responsibility? Privatizing people's misfortune- wow that won't end in tragedy...


No! Just NO!


Just another case of bushism. All for us , none for the People. I am sure he will go to Church on Sunday and Pray for 7 more hurricanes.
Lets see.... Food distribution,Water distribution,Temporary housing..... Starting to sound like Halliburton to me.Just change the Bush and leave out Cheney .....

Greg Kiernan

Great to have someone with the hands on experience and knowledge of Governor Bush working on something as important as disaster relief. After the year that our country has had with natural disasters, we need private industry to step up and provide communities in need with well thought out preparation strategies and post disaster solutions. What better way to merge the experience of elected officials with the discipline of the private market!


Mr. Kiernan, you show enormous naivete. Profit should NEVER figure into disaster relief or health care. That's why we have such problematic health care in America. And the last thing you should be doing is encouraging a Bush to get involved in anything to do with the public. They should never be near anything to do with government. As in any and all the Bush family businesses, when the company goes bust, they not only lose money, they tap into the public treasury and walk away rich(er). They are disgusting pigs who've never done anything for mankind, or honorable for that matter. All they do is feed off the public teat. Read Kitty Kelley's book on the family. Not one admirable one in the bunch. Even the women are pathetic.


ok here's some reality if it hasn't been said above, he plans to make money out of disasters, surely an investment so big wouldnt go ahead without prior knowledge.......... So he knows there are coming disasters, thats the scarey bit



I wouldnt call it a conspiracy. There are and always will be natural disasters, thats a given. He is just making money off of it which is sad. People need to stop crying conspiracy on everything! That also makes me sick!

Applied Math to Life

these guys make money buy causing catastrophe and then make money again for cleaning up the mess!
They do the big bucks for preventive war, preventive security, and now getting into the big bucks as well for preventive clean-up!!!


Well they must be planing another 9-11 or Oklahoma


Craig there is over 200 Truth documentaries on 9-11 enough evidence to convict everyone one of those psychopaths....Just cause 1 Million people believe a lie its still a LIE. You need to wake up. People like you are the reason this country is in the hands of Psychopaths..and you wont wake up until they take everything from you. Then its to late


Who had the security contract for the WTC??? MARV BUSH their little brother...how convenient??

Heidi N

Partly in response to this story, I added a petition at the White House site. Can we get 5000 signatures in 30 days to ask the Obama administration to block efforts to privatize core services? http://wh.gov/4rb

Denny Wood

I hope Jeb Bush's new partners were told about the Jeb Bush resume item as an eight year ADA violator. Jeb Bush refused to make restrooms on his own floors accessible for people in wheelchairs, much less the other floors of the Capitol Building. And many other State Buildings. Jeb Bush refused to implement basic ADA requirements that would have created hundreds of job sites in State government for people with disabilities.

Frank Gonzales

so how do they profit? Who pays them? The Government pays them? or the state government pays them? Either way it's WE WHO PAY THEM!!! Only difference is if out tax money goes to fixing floods and helping families that is one thing, but if our money goes to making people RICH off of floods and disaster relief, I think I have a problem with that.


Private sector doesn't do it for free.
Who do you think will be paying the bill?


This is what privatization can get you.



Prescott Bush and his mouth-watering hand-rubbing caste society..so close, so close. With privatization, Romney's 47% would surely perish, leaving more of whatever is left for the uberwealthy neocons. The imploding GOP - desperate white men losing grip on their purchased 'perfect/caste society'.
Apropos to conversation re Jeb Bush and privatization: 'Freud wrote this remarkable text at a time when the Nazis were beginning to fund the Islamic Brotherhood (after they themselves had been funded by Prescott Bush and the Union Bank). Ironically, Freud's thesis suggests that the current situation in the Middle East has apparently brought this world to the edge of annihilation, may involve combatants who have no conception of their true origins or the basis of what they are fighting for, but, from the standpoint of carefully fostered illusions, merely believe, in an all too human way, that they do. Freud argues closely and pervasively enough to raise and honest doubt in our minds. Well worth the read.' -of the book Moses And Monotheism by Sigmund Freud http://www.amazon.com/Moses-And-Monotheism-Sigmund-Freud/dp/1179374088


Bush desire to profit from disaster is hard cold truth and byproduct of their generational self-annointed superhuman design. This makes for a very sad reality of 21st century America. via Wikipedia: '[Marvin P.]Bush was on the board of directors of Securacom from 1993-2000, which maintained security for the World Trade Center Towers up until September 11, 2001. Securacom also provided security for United Airlines. He is a former director of HCC Insurance Holdings.[citation needed] HCC, formerly Houston Casualty Company, is a publicly traded insurance company on the New York Stock Exchange. He appears in the 2008 award-winning documentary on Lee Atwater, Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story.[1]


This is exactly why the GOP argues for less govt, so their cronies can get the contracts. Why isn't this story more widely reported? Especially in light of Romney bashing FEMA and the recent devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. This greedy family and all of their profiteering friends need to be shut down.

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