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Jon Huntsman adds another Jeb-ite

Ann Herberger, part of Jeb Bush's inner circle, is now the senior finance director for Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Herberger worked on Tim Pawlenty's campaign before he quit the race. Bush's son, Jeb Bush Jr., is backing Huntsman as well, but brother George P. Bush of Texas might get in the corner of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

From a press release:

Orlando, FL – Jon Huntsman for President announced the addition of four senior staff members all of whom will play an integral part in the campaign organization in the coming months. They are as follows:

  •  Tom Loeffler, Campaign Chairman
  •  Ann Woods Herberger, Senior Finance Director
  •  Ben Porritt, Senior Adviser for Communications
  •  Sarah Crawford Stewart, New Hampshire Senior Adviser



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