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Lunch-time wrap-up: Social insecurity, Mediscare and another Florida election

Echoing the "risky scheme" attack from Al Gore in 2000, the Florida Democratic Party is hitting the two Republican presidential frontrunners over their plans to reform and/or privatize Social Security and Medicare. So they're out with a new web ad (*see below). Expect more beware--old-folks warnings from Democratic National Committee Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and FDP Chair Rod Smith later this afternoon in a pre-buttal of this evening's GOP debate.

With about half of the state's voters over 60, it's not tough to figure out why this is an evergreen in Florida (just ask the Republicans who bashed Democrats for Medicare cuts last election). Making it all the more irresistible: Rick Perry statement that Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme."

RomneyVPerry2 Mitt Romney jumped all over that comment, and is sending out mailers saying Perry is "reckless and wrong abotu Social Security."

But is Romney being straight up? Perry suggested in his debate that he doesn't want to change the system for current retirees. He wants to reform it for younger people.

And so did Mitt Romney, as the liberal group Americans United for Change points out in a web ad (which invokes their favorite boogeyman George W. Bush, dressed with the other two in outlandish mariachi-type garb). In a video clip unearthed from what looks like Iowa (2008?), Romney talks about Social Security reform, prompting a member of the audience to call it "privatization."

Said Romney: "You call it privatization. I call it private accounts."