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Marco Rubio vid: "a lot" of Obama's jobs plan "just won't work."

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was one of the few to put his face on air (You Tube) to criticize Obama's speech. (Transcript below video)

Unemployment is a crisis in our country, and certainly this is not a time to become partisan or just reflect and attack everything the other side has.

 “So there are some things that the President outlined that I think we can be supportive of, but my problem with this, quite frankly, is that a lot of it just won’t work. A lot of it sounds like things we’ve already tried, such as more government spending. $800 billion didn’t create jobs, how is $447 billion going to create jobs?

 So, ultimately I think the problem is there are some things in there that are good, but by and large, it’s a proposal based on things that just won’t work, haven’t worked in the past and they won’t work in the future.

 “We need to create an environment where job creators feel the incentive to go out and create jobs, and you do that through regulatory reform, tax reform, certainty moving forward and confidence in America’s future.”



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A very asinine answer from a very right wing partisan politician. Job creators, just a euphemism for the rich. He wants to give more Republicans always peddle, and that will not take us anywhere but make the rich richer, and will not create any jobs. We need to make Rubio a one term senator. He's an ass.


It didn't come out right. He just want to make the rich richer.

Dewyne Douglass

Amen to Art

No Me Gusta Marco

A lot of no Jobs as promised and not delivered by Marco and his comrades equals no work.


OMG! So tired of this Marxist garbage; go to friggin' Cuba with all this socialist speak or create your own wealth and stop coveting everyone else's. How many naysayers actually do something for the economy like create jobs and offer innovations to make America a better place? What's up with the commies in Miami already?


Perhaps we need to close off our shores, so people can stop overpopulating Miami and then maybe people can find jobs.

Nascar Dad

Art has articulated very well why he isn't a successful member of American society, and must therefore demand that others who are take care of him. It's not rocket science to realize poor people don't create jobs. Complete jealousy that a kid born of Cuban immigrants could rise to such a level. But hey, let's all listen to Art. He obviously knows more than Marco.

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There is no way to happen. Almost 80% of the "printed" money will go to the weapon manufacturing and wars. What about the health insurance, education?

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Everyone knows Senator Alexander is corrupt and a bully. He is the worst thing that happened to the Florida Legislature and the state of Florida next to Rick Scott. I hope he gets what he deserves. He treats people like garbage. This is to typical of this jerk.

Domenick A. Bottini III

Unfortunately, our junior senator does not know how the economy works and how could he with the "little trick" he pulled with the
Republican Party credit card and got caught
along with Greer.

The economy is faltering because since 1988
through 2007, some $495 trillion disappeared
from the American economy in return for fraud
ridden sub-prime mortgage securities. This is
what is depressing aggregate demand:
$495,000,000,000.00 and some 2 million empty
houses on the market nw and another million to come in 2012. All dispossessed homeowners should be restored to their homes where possible or allow rent to buy deals occur right away with a special tax benefit. Don't
allow the other one million to foreclose in
2012 by threating the banks with criminal prosection for fraud when these mortgages were written and approved. See proposal in cureent issue of TIME magazine to have a national bull-
dozing program. See also the Jacksonville
DAILY RECORD about the rise in the Consumer Price Index in NE Florida for 2011 ( 5% estimate in round numbers) and food items from
the major companies now have price increases exceeding 20% in 2011 alone. STAGFLATION has
begun. Get rid of the foreclosed homes on the market and the economy will start to recover at a moderate pace. Not one elected official
is willing to take action. These losses belong to the mortgage lenders not the American public. If the republicans try to
"sandbag" these proposals, the people will vote them out in 2012 and also re-elect President Obama. He is being blamed for too much.

Domenick A. Bottini III

Jobs in the Medical Field

I agree with you. Even though the government is planning to increase the amount they want to spend on creating jobs, it may not deliver the desired results.
It is important that people find innovative ways of addressing the problem and not rely only on excess spending to solve the problem.

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