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Marco Rubio tells Hispanic chamber of commerce that Obama's bad for biz

After a series of high profile speeches across the country, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio returned home Sunday for an address that took a direct dig at the jobs plan coming out of the White House.

Rubio, in the keynote address at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce convention, told the crowd gathered to hear him that he was proud to be in a room "with job creators."

The country doesn’t need exotic jobs proposals to rev up the economy, Rubio said. Focusing on lifting burdensome regulations, simplifying the tax code, investing in a skilled workforce and increasing domestic energy production can go a long way toward creating jobs, he said. He also called for passing free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea.

"The American free enterprise system has provided more opportunity than any economic system in the history of the world," Rubio said, "and these are the things that I hope we will re-embrace again as a nation."


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Has Rubio actually done anything as Senator other than talk?


Here's why I have a problem with Marco Rubio. Out of what appears to be sheer ignorance, he has completely dissed Florida's large Serbian-American community.



W. J. Sullivan

"Out of sheer ignorance ..." The size of the Serbian-American community is irrelevant. (Irish and Polish myself.) It is ignorance, but pretty widespread. Try telling anyone that the Serbs didn't do everything they're accused of in almost any company and see what responses you get. Rubio needs education, not name-calling.

Regarding amigay's question, did you ask the same of Obama and Clinton in 2008? Or of any other first-year, first-term senator?

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