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Mitt Romney whacks at Rick Perry over immigration

With Rick Perry proving to be a serious threat to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, the former Massachusetts governor swung through Tampa Friday to exploit what some Republican see as Perry’s Achilles heal: immigration.

"We must stop providing the incentives that promote illegal immigration,’’ Romney told more than 100 people attending a Republican Hispanic conference in Tampa. " As governor, I vetoed legislation that would have provided in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants and I strengthened the authority our state troopers had to enforce existing immigration laws."

Romney, 64, never mentioned by name the Texas governor, who leads Romney in most national polls as well as in early primary and caucus state. But immigration is a new issue of focus for Romney in this campaign cycle, and his campaign knows that Perry, 61, is already facing criticism from conservatives for not taking a hard enough line on illegal immigration.

Perry, for instance, in 2001 signed a Texas version of the "Dream Act" that made Texas the first state to allow in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants - much like the bill Romney boasted of killing in Massachusetts.

Illegal immigration remains a hot button issues among Republican activists, though leaders in Texas - where 38 percent of the population is Hispanic - have tended to take a more moderate approach to the issue. Perry, for instance, said last year he had no interest in passing a tough Arizona-style immigration law for his border state.

"As governor of Texas, a state that has more than 1200 miles of border with Mexico, Gov. Perry understands first hand the need to secure our border, something the federal government has failed at,’’ said Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner. "Because of the federal government’s inaction, Texas has spent more than $400 million on border security since 2005. Before you discuss comprehensive immigration reform the border has to be secured."

Especially in states like Florida where Hispanic voters are heavily courted swing voters, talking tough on immigration can backfire if the rhetoric comes off too harsh. Romney took a hard line on immigration in 2008 and wound up winning just nine percent of the Cuban vote and 21 percent of the non-Cuban Hispanic vote in Florida’s Republican primary. Arizona John McCain won 54 percent and 53 percent respectively and won Florida’s primary.

Speaking Friday to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Romney was careful to differentiate between immigrants and illegal immigrants

"I am a great proponent of legal immigration. Many of you are living proof of the unique strength of America that is constantly renewed by new Americans,’’ Romney said, arguing that Republicans can and should do a better job winning over Hispanic voters

Posted by Adam C. Smith


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Rick Perry is a amnesty-sucking illegal-sucking George W. Filth reincarnate. But Romney is only a hair better. Romney has Miss Clairol roots in Mexico that can't be dyed over. His connection to relatives (missionaries) living in Mexico for decades is a spoiler. Without question, he TOO will follow the Filth plan of pretend border security and inland enforcement, and begin sucking for amnesty with a year if he gets the nomination/election. NEITHER of these two carpetbaggers are fit to be President. You can bet your virginity that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will assist the RNC in racketeering-in ONE of these porch climbers into the top spotlight. The ignorant masses ("anybody but Obama")had better wake the hell up before November 2012.

albert J Wilson

Mexicans have been crossing the Rio Grand for the past five hundred years. citizenship was was a walk across. The impact of mexican migration poses a threat, so it seems, to white America.Demographic stuudies have indicated that the mexican migration legal or illegal will surpass the existing non hispanic population in about twenty or tenty five years. this is the sole reason for the anti immigration rehtoric being spewed out by the same politicians who take money from the people who want to preserve "white only America" Stand outside a Walmart Supermarket and watch these grocery filled carts driven by youg mexican mothers with their four five children hanging on. In spite of all the discrimination and injustice they and their children will not only survive but succeed, Why? Porgue Somos.


eh. Come to California and you will see the deterioration that is occurring in these "safe areas". It is trashy and crime infested. They come here under protection of a law loophole of "anchor babies", get money from us taxpayers from the "Additional Child Tax Credit" and then bash the laws in the very country whose laws they loop-holed through. It is DISGUSTING. I have never understood why illegals come here (and some younger US citizens of Mexican descent) and claim they are really in Mexican territory and it should be given back to Mexico! Why did you leave in the first place if you love Mexico SO much? Because it is worn down and poverty stricken. In everything they are doing--they are taking advantage of a better situation and then taking what they want and the second they are identified as illegal--they hide behind the law loopholes and scream "discrimination". It is cowardly. I have no respect for any illegal alien.


@Albert J Wilson: your anti-white racism stands alone (with other pea brains) as the only argument you can muster to legitamize the invasion from Mexico. A 2006 congressional report documented that 25 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every day (12 murders, 13 by auto accidents). Just last week a 4-year old boy was killed in a crosswalk in Washington state by a drunken illegal alien who had been cited TWICE for driving without a license. Since you have the magic explanation for the discontinent over the plague pooring in from Mexico, let's all hope that YOU or one of your family are the very next victim. Rest in peace, mutha.


Rick Perry is no Tea Party guy...in fact he ran against the Tea Party candidate in Texas. He is Washington as usual...so if you like Washington as usual...vote for Perry.

Rick Perry is great at positioning himself for personal gain. He takes advantage of every opportunity better than any politician I have ever seen. He is very smooth when in front of a camera. However, he appears to be "above the law" in his mind when he thinks he doesn't need to abide by traffic laws in his own state. If you want to see a Youtube link of him badgering his own state troopers, watch it here:


We really don't need more of this. We need integrity and ethics. Do you research voters!!

Louis Nardozi

Hi All,

I'm just looking thought the news from Google News on a Saturday morning and noticing that though Ron Paul consistently places in the top three in the polls, he is not represented at all in the news rankings. You might not notice this yourself if you have a Ron Paul section in your news. More likely, you don't and therefore are not aware of the high volume of Ron Paul related news available online. I just want to remind people that you can plug the phrase "Ron Paul" into Google News and they will offer to make a Ron Paul section of the news for you. It's in your financial best interest to make sure you keep on top of his activity. I invested as Ron Paul suggested and have been up over 50% a year. If he's elected, my tax rates will plummet. I'll also be free again, which is something no one in America has been since 2001. Patriot Act made us all expendable by just calling us a 'terrorist'. How many times you heard the phrase 'domestic terrorist' lately? That phrase means no right to a trial, no habeus corpus, nothing. Lock you in a hole until hell freezes over with NO right to attorney. Ron Paul wants to give your freedom back - show some spine and take it!

Vote Vertebrate - Ron Paul 2012!


What a joke - nice people but cant hold a candle to Palin ( period )


Perry is a liar and is a open border advocate.
He is against E-Verify, supports in-state tuition, amnesty and birthright citizenship for illegals and he supports the Dream Act.


Palin gets it, that woman has more guts than the rest of the field (excluding Paul) combined. Just came back from her rally in Iowa where about 2000-3000 showed up in a drenching rain to hear someone that actually understands the problems of everyday Americans and how to clean up America - Take A Stand

M. Simon

The TEA Party guys are mostly poseurs.

Make this statement to any of them and watch heads explode:

I never noticed a Prohibition Amendment. Except for Alcohol.


How are those that say anybody but Obama ignorant? Have you been seeing what the socialist in chief has been doing? Why don't you point out one positive thing he has done besides saying OK to the Bin Laden raid? This is the worst president ever! Stop with this nonsense. Vote Republican or vote to bankrupt the country. The choice is yours.


President Obama is to give a speech on Thursday on revitalizing our infrastructure, by repairing bridges and highways? With millions of illegal aliens in construction, through criminal Contractors using cheap labor, is Obama going to enact Rep. Lamar Smith’s bill H.R. 2164? Is the People’s president going to halt this travesty of our laws, by enforcing E-Verify.

Don't think for one minute your job is not in peril. Not for one moment should you think that the lowest income of the job market, is only sucked up by illegal aliens. Some of the 20 million plus illegal aliens squatting here, have graduated to higher paying jobs in all industries and occupations. They are not just mowing a lawn, or a bus boy in a restaurant, as they have been hired into manufacturing jobs, in construction, the higher entertainment industry employment as Casino workers. Hundreds of thousands have been accepted into trade unions, taking jobs from electricians, air conditioning and plumbers. Countless number of American citizens and green card holders, have forfeited their businesses as other Contractors have underbid their work by using illegal aliens, so that many dependable companies have been unable pay their insurance, taxes and living expenses. These are not isolated cases, as the epidemic has spread nationwide as the theft goes on?

The issue of illegal immigration is a very serious situation, which not only affects jobs, but the economy as well. Last year’s appraised the cost of subsidizing a part 20 million or more illegal migrants and immigrants was $113 Billion dollars. This has exposed the federal and State payouts that cover the main expenditures of education, health care and the penal system. This is just a limited assessment by the well known conservative think tank of the "Heritage foundation." The issue of illegal immigration is boiling over between Governor of Texas Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, who must find middle ground on this ugly situation, that grown in intensity over three decades. Rick Perry has a poor D- grading of on this controversial subject that affects us all, then even Mitt Romney also has a poor showing of D-. Neither presidential politician has shown any intensity in fighting the illegal alien invasion. America will always accept highly skilled occupational professionals, but not the poverty-stricken desperate from around the world. Every year a million enter this sovereign country, using fraudulent ID to gain welfare and public assistance, including semi -skilled that shouldn't be admitted to profit businesses with lower wages, when American have the same qualifications?

Whereas, Rep. Michele Bachmann comes first in all Immigration stances, as does the millions of people that have joined the TEA PARTY. Rick Perry doesn't support the fence, separating our country from the unceasing invasion of economic illegal aliens from the South. Perry also opposed a standing military presence along the border, as exactly the same as the Democrats and President Obama. Rep. Romney's speech to the Republican Hispanic National Assembly didn't mention illegal immigration, but carefully exhibited in his speech "that he was great proponent of legal immigration." he also said in his speech, "Our country must do a better job of securing its borders and as president, I will. That means completing construction of a high-tech fence and investing in adequate manpower and resources."

Make your calls starting today at every reluctant Senator and House Representative. Tell them you want them to vote for Lamar Smith's sponsorship of H.R. 2164, The Legal Workforce Act, as each party has its own agenda. The Republican establishment agenda is to crush any law which cuts off their access to cheap labor. The Democrats and its Liberal placement, is to gain millions of new voters--LEGAL or ILLEGAL. Start calling because it might be your job on the line, with an estimated 8 million in jobs right now. American blacks have had had a terrible time locating good jobs, with national unemployment hovering around 10 percent and black males unemployment surging to a staggering 17.6 percent, followed closely by Hispanics at around 13.1%, while illegal aliens seem to have held jobs, with 0ver 8 million still hired. Use your mouse and click on the Judicial Watch website and read the disgusting statistics on corruption in Washington and the State where you live? Read the daily national and rural newspapers and media reports on the whole seething articles at the "American Patrol" website, illustrating the facts on this ugly dilemma of illegal immigration occupation. All the facts and no more lies that threaten the Liberals and open border crazies can be found at "NumbersUSA."

MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughisenough.blogspot.com

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