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More Republican officials, activists flock to Rick Perry for P5

A few names that stand out in the following press release: Bill Bunting, AK Desai and Steve Bovo:

AUSTIN – Texas Gov. Rick Perry today announced his leadership team for Presidency 5 (P5), with Speaker Dean Cannon serving as chairman. Gov. Perry will participate in Florida P5 this week, including the P5 debate, CPAC and straw poll in Orlando, Fla.
“Florida is critical to the presidential nomination process, so I look forward to bringing my pro-jobs, conservative message to Florida and the Presidency 5 events,” Gov. Perry said. “Floridians care about jobs, fiscal responsibility and ending Obamacare and other federal excesses. I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my record and vision for job creation and fiscal conservatism with the voters of the Sunshine State.”

“Gov. Perry knows that the path to the nomination and eventually the White House goes through Florida,” said Speaker Cannon. “He also knows how critical it is for Florida’s grassroots leaders to get a chance to know the candidates early, which is why he is focused on this state and participating in Presidency 5.”
In addition to Speaker Cannon, conservative activists John Stemberger and Pam Olsen will serve as co-chairs. Stemberger is president of the Florida Family Policy Council.  Olsen is the founder and president of the Florida Prayer Network.  Also serving as co-chairs are Pasco County Republican Bill Bunting, a leader in the effort to protect the second amendment, and Orange County Republican Activist Lew Oliver.  Dr. A.K. Desai, CEO of Universal Health Care Group, Inc., will also serve as a co-chair and help recruit delegates.
Gov. Perry has also announced the following elected officials to serve as co-chairs: Senator Don Gaetz (R-Crestview), State Rep. Rachel Burgin (R-Riverview), State Rep. Clay Ingram (R-Pensacola), Broward County Commissioner Chip Lamarca, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban Bovo and Orange County Property Appraiser Bill Donegan.
P5 will take place at the Orange County Convention Center, beginning Thursday, Sept. 22 and ending Saturday, Sept. 24. It will conclude with the Florida Straw Poll, featuring the participation of more than 3,000 Florida Republican delegates.
The presidency events in Florida have a history dating back to 1979, when Reagan won the straw poll.


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Rick Perry, unfortunately, is too polarizing and will not be able to attract the independent and swing voters. A recent example of this effect is the election of Christine O'Donnell. While Mr. Perry may be a fine nomination, he cannot win the election that counts. If we nominate Rick Perry, Obama wins.


Rick Perry is too liberal.
He has allowed children of illegal hispanic and other foreigners to study in Texas colleges and that too at discounted tution rates.
I think Michelle Bachmann is only one who can beat Obama in general election.

Saul Quinn

Rick Perry is collecting points all right. Most of the time he seems to get away from the subject.

What is Rick Perry doing now? This is insane. I think he is just trying to dog the fact that he is gay. Some are reminded by old articles regarding his fling with the former Texas Secretary of State, Geoff Conner. The year was 1984 and this love trist almost cost him his rocky marriage. No wonder Rick Perry with a college GPA of 2.0 is trying to think of other topics. What is next? Watch out for the next time the teleprompter fails. If he has to speak live you can expect stupidity. Who would have thought that Rick Perry was so inclined.

Bashing gay marriage is a form of denial. You have problems in your past. So what is really going on between you and the Koch Brothers? Frankly I don't care. But why not give Geoff Conner a lie detector. Get it over with. Vent your inner feelings on live CNN.


I'm not a Perry fan but to criticise him on a teleprompter comment.....really? Isn't the teleprompter a running joke with Obama?

And in regards to Perry being too polarizing, we nominated a moderate last time and how did that election turn out. In fact, look at all of the moderates that the GOP has put up in the last few cycles:

Gerry Ford- Lost
Bob Dole- Lost
John McCain- Lost

And the candidates that were to polarizing to win:

Reagan- Won
Bush- Won

Sarah Walquist

What the F?
Lew Oliver is a homosexual cross-dresser and a really bad one at that.
Dean Cannon is the FBI's most wanted Speaker.
What is Rick Perry's campaign thinking?
Good grief, Charlie Crist.


Governor Rick Perry has never lost an election and has been governor of Texas for ten years. The State of Texas is doing very well I know because I am a Texan. Rick is a winner and has a personality which is more than can be said for most of the other candidates (except Ron Paul). He lights up a room and people naturally gravitate towards him. You can trust him to lead with his conservative values as he has lead us in Texas. Mitt Romney is just another John McCain who can't win.

Jordan Spizike

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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