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Morning again in America for the GOP? Or mourning again for Obama?

The Republican National Committee announced it's running a new Barack Obama-bashing radio spot in some battleground states, including Florida, called "Morning Again in America." It's about the economy, stupid. And so are Obama's poll numbers. His approve/disapprove is 43-53 in an ABC/Washington Post poll and 44-51 in a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

Those numbers aren't news, considering how wretched a summer Obama's having. But now the bad news is taking a toll on Obama personally, something that could be a far worse harbinger for the president. Until now, Obama was personally more popular than his job-approval ratings. No more, says the NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, which found that 44 percent dislike him and 44 percent like him. This is the first time his personally unfavorable ratings have been this high, and it's the second time (since 2007) his personally favorable ratings have been this low.

If Obama loses the candidate-I'd-like-to-have-a-beer-with category, that's something to mourn for Democrats.

Anyway, here's the RNC "Morning Again" ad, which pays homage via its title to President Reagan (A caveat for the GOP candidates -- Reagan's ad was so powerful because it lifted people's spirits):

It’s Morning Again in America
Is Barack Obama finally waking up?
After a 10-day luxury vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, the President says he’ll finally get serious about jobs.
But we’ve heard this before…
After his 825 Billion Dollar Stimulus Debacle…
And after his 2.5 Trillion dollar government-run health care plan…
Now again, after our national credit has been downgraded.
But what can we expect from Obama’s new Stimulus plan?
More spending.
We’ve already tried that; causing unemployment to shoot up and our deficit to balloon.
In fact, before this ad is done, our debt will have grown by an additional two and a half million dollars.
Enough is enough…
Let’s change direction