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Obama beware: Republican-palooza underway in Florida

September is Republican-palooza month in Florida. 

For the next few weeks, the eight or so Republican presidential candidates will take their Barack Obama bashing-based campaigns to the nation’s most important swing state. They’ll debate Monday tonight in Tampa, and they’ll debate again later in Orlando, where they’ll also speak to a national conservative conference.

Crowning it all off: The Republican Party of Florida’s Sept. 24 straw poll — the best measurement of a candidate’s viability in a state that mirrors the nation’s political mood.

There will be one clear loser: Obama. At least in the short-term.

 The Republicans will control the microphone throughout the debates, forum and straw poll. Amid all that, they’ll likely continue pounding the president on the economy at fundraisers, rallies and in interviews with stations, newspapers and bloggers throughout the state. “It’ll make a difference because Florida isn’t just any state. Whoever wins Florida or Ohio wins the White House,” said Gene Ulm, a pollster for Washington-based Public Opinion Strategies, a firm that polls for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  

“You guys aren’t just anybody. A little bit of news coverage is a lot in a state like Florida. Whoever wins, will win by a slight amount,” Ulm said. “So everything matters in Florida.”

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It's simple.

Where are the jobs, Mr. President?

Your last stimulus did nothing real.
Now you want to do half again more of that.
You want us to do the "math."
So we multiple nothing by one-half and get what?
Another big zero.


The republican party has completely abandon the middle class in florida. Anyone but the wealthy would be a fool to vote republican. I have seen nothing from fla republicans but corporate welfare, unfunded mandates, and layoffs of the middle class. The costs of the present slash an burn are just now showing up and we will be paying for yrs to come.

Art Woosley

I support the Republican party efforts to rescue the country from the raging failure of the unqualified Obama socialist administration. Obama can pack up and go back to his marxist friends in Chicago. He is ill equipped and clueless when it comes to running the country. No experience, no ability, no plan. He is a worse case scenario that was elected by an non thinking liberal distortion in the country in 2008.
Republicans have learned their lesson and are ready to lead the country back from the obama recession. 2012 is the date to rid the country of the obama infection and malignant disease.

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