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On immigrant tuition, Marco Rubio sounds like a Rick Perry man

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, whom every presidential candidate would love to have as a running mate, sounds a lot like a Rick Perry supporter when it comes to the issue of tuition help for immigrants who grew up in the United States long after they were brought here illegally.

The issue flared up at the last presidential debate when Perry defended a bill he signed in Texas that gave in-state tuition rates to some illegal immigrants who graduated from Texas high schools. Perry was booed by the tea-party crowd.

Rubio, who hasn't and won't endorse in the race, might meet the same fate.

"I think there’s general consensus behind the idea that we need to do something to help out kids who were brought here by our parents longtime ago and who have grown up in this country," Rubio said a few weeks ago, echoing comments and sentiments he made on the campaign trail last year.

 “I do think that we need to figure out how we accommodate kids who have something to contribute to our nation’s future. Whether it’s serving in the armed forces or going on to college and graduated who have basically lived most of their lives (here),” he said.

"I would say the vast majority of Americans would say that doesn’t feel right," to deport or deny education help to a person in a case where "you’re going to go to college and you’re a good student and you’re valedictorian of your school or you’re going to go into the military," Rubio said. "We’ve got to figure something out. And that’s what we’re in the process of trying to do."

When Rubio was the state Legislature he supported legislation similar to one that Perry has caught flak for.

“There was a Florida bill," Rubio said. "It was pretty limited to a number of people, you had to have a certain GPA. It was very limited in scope. I don’t know what the Texas bill was. I remember the one in Florida we did some work, but it was a limited bill and it was narrowly focused on a group of people, which is one of the issues happening with the Dream Act now -- that it’s not narrow.”


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Rubio is not conservative on immigration issues, therefore he is not a conservative. I have never trusted this guy anyway, he is a smooth talker who will do what's best for him regardless of ideology.

Chrissie Siggelakis

Marco Rubio is a good man. We are fortunate in Florida that he won his election. He is awesome. He IS a conservative and I am sick of purists trashing good politicians if they do not think in lock step with how they feel on every single issue.

The Viceroy

Rubio is not a natural born citizen and does not qualify for the office of POTUS or VPOTUS. Rubio is the son of naturalized immigrants who were resident aliens at the time of his birth. Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen and I've lost alot of respect for him not coming out and saying so in the midst of all the VP talk.


Viceroy - anyone born in the United States (unless his/her parents are foreign diplomats) is a natural born citizen. It doesn't even matter if the parents are illegal aliens - the child is natural born.


This argument shows how flimsy most conservatives seem to be. They love Christie, but he is soft on illegals, heck he does not even want them called that. Rubio is the start of the party, he supports given tuition to illegals. Look, here is the deal (because I am conservative) there will be no conservatives in government if republicans keep up these attacks on the largest growing voting block. Unless you start having 15 kids at a shot to keep up with the growing Latino vote, the try to stay up to date. Romney is a fraud, Cain has decided to back Romney and become establishment. Perry as attacked the Bush - Fox boys, and Fox is bringing it to him. If conservatives are true to themselves, they will not let Fox get Romney elected, that is what this Cain thing is all about. Fox wants him so they can slip the conservative vote, and get Romney elected. This is war, will the liberal republicans win.


I do not trust Rubio. He is vague and slippery on the crisis of an uncontrolled mass foreign migraton. It is not a matter of being a "pureist" there are some issues so critical that they must be dealt with without watering down and phoney "compromises." Uncontrolled Illegal Immigration will forever destroy any conservatve chances of turning this country around.

Go look up the disaster the 1986 amnesty has been. There have been 7 smaller amnesties since then. Hispanics vote overwhelmingly Democrat because they believe in the big government welfare state not because they are crazy about amnesty. Do some homework you Rubio pander-to-get-the-hispanic-vote "conservatives."

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