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Protestors gather outside GOP debate

Protestors carrying signs reading "Tax the Rich," "Stop the War on Workers" and "Don't Feed Corporate Greed" gathered outside the Florida State Fairgrounds on Monday, hours before the start of a Republican presidential candidate debate sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party Express.

The Rev. Bruce Wright, a member of the Poor People's Human Rights Campaign, founded in 1996, was among the organizers of the protest. He said he also plans to organize protests during the Republican National Convention set for Tampa in 2012.  

"One of our platforms and concerns is tax cuts for the rich. We believe that needs to end. We believe that loopholes need to end. That foreclosures need to stop and that jobs need to stop being shipped overseas," Wright said. "We also have a strong stance against the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Wright said he expected several hundred protesters at the fairgrounds, at various locations. About three dozen were stationed near the Tea Party Express bus and CNN remote studio at the fairgrounds. 

Among them is Susie Shannon, a member of the AFSCME union who works at the University of South Florida.  The Republican candidates, she said, need to focus less on deficit reduction and more on jobs. Protestor David Maynard, a member of the Socialist Party of Florida, had this to say about the presidential candidates: "Of the Republican candidates, one is crazier than the next one and Obama is a lousy candidate."

Maynard criticized Obama for expanding the war on terror, not closing Guantanamo, and caving on the public option in the federal health care legislationi. 

"He has not done any of the things he said he was going to do," Maynard said.  


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East Lake

I just drove past there and no on is there! LOL! Just Obama supporters! Obama has no worries. He will win in 2012. These GOP people are whacked!

Ralph Scavone

Of course not East Lake, we're still at WORK! LOL!
Why was the Poor People's Human Rights Campaign founded after 4 years of CLINTON'S reign? And it sounds like even the Socialists are sick of Obama! roflmao!!!!

Dan Fox

This is so simple really. How many Republicans have more or less publicly stated that their one and really ONLY goal is to sabotage the Obama Presidency at any and all cost including the destruction of our economy? They are doing this as a tactic & not as some great stand on principle.

The President doesn't have a magic wand, dictatorial powers or, for that matter, legislative authority of any kind. What more anyone expects, constitutionally, of him while dealing with perhaps the most disloyal opposition that any President has faced since immediately prior to the Civil War is quite beyond me. Democrats who chose to sit out the midterm election, thus handing the lower house to right wing extremists, are also to blame. As to the racist element among "Tea Partiers" et al on the right I would offer these examples (see the link) http://theloop21.com/politics/11-examples-overt-and-shrouded-racism-in-the-Tea-Party?page=1 and if you are still in doubt simply google "Examples of Tea Party Racism" and you will see a plethora of evidence for this. If you don't you either have blinders on or you don't understand what racism is.

No sooner had this good man been elected to "the highest office in the land" than Republican U.S. Senators were stating, quite publicly and for no rational reason that they "Hope the President fails". This sentiment on their behalf has continued until the present, all while offering no solutions other than further deregulation and tax cuts for the extremely wealthy and multi- national corporations that ship American Jobs overseas. The very policies that damn near blew us out of the water in the first place. Contrary to propaganda from the extreme right, jobs aren't going overseas because of high taxes (our's being the second LOWEST in the developed world) but rather because we don't allow child labor/slavery (except for Agribusiness) or the blatant and wanton destruction of our environment.


And once again, the Tea Party crowd cheered at the thought of a 30-year-old with no health insurance dying. They loved it. He should die. He didn't buy insurance.

Last week they cheered at Rick Perry's executing 234 people.

But, they worry a lot about Obama's nonexistent death panel.


@ Dan Fox: Not surprisingly, I went to the link you provided and I didn't see anything about Tea Partyers and racism. Good think your ilk has so little credibility anyway. Stunts like this one might erode it.


The link is indeed bad. However, anyone noticing the various signs held by the earlier tea partiers, with Obama in white face or with a bone through his nose, cannot miss the obvious reality. These people are the old racists who hate Obama because he is "black". I don't believe a thinking mind could miss it.

Luis D. Rey

Obama is not black,
His mother was white, so he is not black, although HE IS A "CAFE AU LAIT" DEVIL who wants the destruction of the USA AND WORLD CAPITALISM and establish SHARIA LAW,
He is a CLOSETED RADICAL MUSLIM who lifts his dirty ass five times a day in prayer to THAT DEVILISH FIGURE NAMED "A L L A H", an invented figure by THAT SICKO BY THE NAME MOHAMMAD who married a 9 year old girl...

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