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Rene Garcia's summer vacation -- at Genting's Singapore casino

Resorts World Singapore State Sen. Rene Garcia spent his summer vacation doing research — at one of the World’s largest gambling resorts in Singapore.

“I loved it,’’ said Garcia, a Hialeah Republican and a likely “yes” vote for legislation to bring Las Vegas-style casinos to South Florida. He spent one week and more than $6,100 of his own money to make the lengthy trip to Asia in August to experience Genting’s flagship casino.

Garcia produced receipts that show he was charged $4,398 in airfare and $1,765 for his hotel at Genting’s Resorts World at Senosa, where he stayed Aug. 6-11.

Garcia was one of several business and community leaders invited to visit the company’s sprawling theme park and casino resort in the heart of Singapore. Legislators are prohibited by state ethics laws from accepting gifts and trips, civic leaders are not.

Genting said they have given complimentary trips to civic leaders in Miami-Dade, including Jack Lowell, chairman of the Beacon Council, Miami-Dade’s economic development arm, and Bernie Navarro, president of the Latin Builders Association.

“These visits are an opportunity to experience first-hand the quality of Genting’s properties, as well as the significant economic impacts that Destination Resorts can bring to Florida,’’ said Jessica Hoppe, general counsel for Resorts World.

The company is one of a handful of major casino operators who are hoping to persuade the Florida legislature next year to change state law and allow for Las Vegas style casinos tucked inside sprawling tourist resorts that include retail, convention and entertainment facilities. More here.


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This resort is going to provide the jobs we need in South Florida that could help dig us out of this recession. I'm glad that our leaders are doing their due diligence. It's important for them to see first hand what kind of operation the Genting company runs. So far, the reports all seem to be very positive.

Pedro carranza

Rene is another his each scammer like. Raul ,Martinez and like rlaph rza. He has never held a real job nor has he been able to win contested agenda or election. Once again another sad representative of the Hispanic youth products of our community. He probably got all of his meals and entertainment comped by the hotel as well as other perks we do not know about. I have fiends that worked with him as lobbyists and know his lifestyle is very expensive.


The Resorts World Miami resort seems to have taken into consideration all of the surrounding public parks and facilities and they're going to make them all usable - and connected. They're even going to create a bay-walk encompassing the entire downtown Miami waterfront. This would never happen without this resort. It's a beautiful design and we need to make sure it gets approved. Miami's future might depend on it.

Sally McDermitt

Genting have obviously put in a great deal of thought and consideration into World Resort Miami and the surrounding neighborhoods. Not only will it revive Florida creating many much needed jobs, but it will enhance the entire downtown area. It’s also a plus having an International company with their extensive experience and knowledge that can bring to South Florida additional tourism and additional tax-dollars. This article piece is worth a read - http://www.teapartymiami.org/miamicasino.html

John Merrit

I am tired of all the politicians and big business taking advantage of the taxpayer. In the case of Resorts World Miami, this will actually bring jobs and people to Florida without taxes! South Florida needs to establish itself as a destination for conferences. This resort will help us a lot.

Karen T

Build Baby Build! We need jobs and $$$ in Miami!

villa denia

Vacations are the best way of getting relief from the stressful life. Its is a wonderful experience. In this post Rene shares her wonderful vacation experience in one of the amazing resort of Singapore. This resort seems to be amazing. I like this post. Thanks for this amazing share.

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