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Rick Perry gets Jindal; Mitt Romney scores Pawlenty, new Florida staffer

One of the most popular governors in the South, Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, is scheduled to be in tonight's so-called "spin room" tonight in support of Rick Perry in his surging Republican presidential bid.

Perhaps the biggest news for Perry is that CNN's poll heading into the debate shows Perry is no longer marginally ahead in the race. He's starting to blow away Mitt Romney. In the multi-candidate matchup, Perry garners 32 percent of the vote to Romney's 21 percent.

He's viewed as a stronger leader than Romney (36-21) and he's viewed as being more able to fix the economy (35-26).

Meantime, one of the also-rans in the race, Tim Pawlenty is heading to Tampa a surrogate for Romney, whom he endorsed this morning.

"Gov. Romney has unmatched experience and skills and talents when it comes to the economy and creating private sector jobs,'' Pawlenty told the St. Pete Times, explaining why he backed Romney over Rick Perry."

Despite his low poll numbers, Pawlenty had won some prominent Florida endorsements and supporters, including fundraiser Phil Handy, and future state House Speakers Will Weatherford, Chris Dorworth and Richard Corcoran. "We were very fortunate that we had great support in Florida from some emerging leaders. I'm hoping that as many of them as possible will join the Romney team. I'm certainly going to be talking to a number of them to make the case."

Pawlenty echoed Romney's argument that Rick Perry will be vulnerable in the general election for having written that Social Security is unconstitutional and a failure.

"Gov. Romney has the better position. He doesn't believe that it should be abolished or that it's a failure."

Also, Romney has hired Florida consultant Brett Doster on staff after Perry beefed up his Florida team.


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Wow. Voters are pretty ignorant.

They feel Perry is better able to fix the economy than Romney with the former garnering 35 percent support while the later gets 25 percent support.

I wonder if they know Romney released a 59 point, 160 page plan outlining exactly how he'd fix the economy while Perry's response when asked how he'd fix the economy was to say he'd "cut taxes". The difference is like night and day. But then Romney's whole life has centered around fixing failing enterprises so it's no surprise that he already knows exactly what to do.

If Republicans pick Perry over Romney, they will deserve the loss they'll get next November. Obama's problem is that he's lost and doesn't know what to do. Perry would be no better.


"[Perry]'s viewed as being more able to fix the economy (35-26)"

This is complete BS. I am a life-long Republican, but if they nominate Governor Gardisil as our nominee, I'm done with this party.

I will not go to the polls to vote for a guy who supports OPEN BORDERS WITH MEXICO and BI-NATIONAL Universal Health Care as Rick Perry does.


Oh my goodness, I will not allow myself to believe those numbers... Perry better able to fix the economy??????

Ci2Eye, you said it best, we might as well have Obama for another 4 years, someone who doesn't know what to do to get us out of this disaster.

I believe our children and children's children will be asking us what in the world we were thinking by NOT bringing in someone like Romney at this time. Japan is in the MIDDLE of a great financial crisis, thanks largely to the US economy and their recent natural disaster. Who do they turn to? Japan just brought on as their Prime Minister a finacial "guru" as some have labeled him, someone outside of the political mainstream.

My goodness, I know the man is not exciting, I know he's uuuber-rich, but please lets bring in the person who can fix this disaster. I have little faith Romney will make the GOP ticket, and it saddens me...No way will the southern states vote him in, which is lunacy to me. Crazy. Well, I just hope when Perry (Or Obummer) is in office, that they keep a copy of Romney's 160 page, 59 point economical plan close by......


Those are pretty rediculous numbers. Where are they getting these? What have people been fed about Perry that overnight makes them think he could possibly rescue this economy? I'm sorry. Something is wrong here. I just dont buy it. Romney has a proven record. Perry is a flopper as a previous Democrat. He is an opportunist trying to portray Romney as the person that actually Perry is.


Once they look at Governor Perry's accomplishments...

OIL/Energy keep money flowing to Texas as long as Americans are willing to pay increasing prices for gasoline...

Lowest Labor costs in the nation...

huge growth in government jobs...

BILLIONS of Dollars cut from Education...

25 BILLION Dollar projected revenue shortfall...

Highest rate of unisured in America...

and this is the short list...

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