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Rick 'Perry Plunge' on immigration? Nah. Poll show Perry leads in FL with strong Hispanic backing

Rick Perry took a beating in the last two debates, including one Monday in Tampa. But Florida Republicans still favor him over the crop of candidates by a lead that's outside the error-margin, according to an InsiderAdvantage poll.

What's particularly striking is that Perry has his soundest lead among Hispanics (a 48-13 lead over second place Mitt Romney. So much for a "Rick Perry plunge" predicted by immigration hardliners. The boos he received over his moderate immigration stance looks like it might be paying Florida dividends.

The poll continues the Perry-surging/Bachmann waning narrative. It shows that she has slipped to about fourth, behind Newt Gingrich who had strong showings in both debates.  The results (in percent):

Rick Perry: 29

Mitt Romney 20

Newt Gingrich: 9

Michele Bachmann 8

Herman Cain: 6

Ron Paul: 5

Rick Santorum: 2

Jon Huntsman: 1