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Rick Scott: RPOF straw poll winner will be the next GOP nominee, prez

Gov. Rick Scott did a little political analysis on Fox & Friends this morning, and gave a plug for the Republican Party of Florida Presidency 5 debate and straw poll. Scott pointed out that Ronald Regan, George Bush, and Bob Dole all won the party's straw polls and became the nominee (Dole ultimately lost to Bill Clinton).

"Whoever wins this straw poll on Saturday will be the Republican nominee and I believe the Republican nominee will be the next President,” Scott said. “I really believe whoever wins this is going to be the next President.”



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Adrienne  O. Sinclair (CAOS)

rick is right the next President will be Mr Herman Cain. He is not a politician you don't solve problems they are the problem big spender Mitt and stupid cowboy Perry the Delegates for Florida are smart and want a real plan with a businessman who puts America first, He has the solutions, American wants someone who can deliver on what he says the other two cant and Herman Cain can if you have intelligence and want taxes cut and a real problem solver.It is a no brainier. If you have a brain, that is!

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