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Rick Scott schedules work day at Naval Air base

Gov. Rick Scott is once again revisiting his past with his third "Let's Get to Work Day" set for Thursday. He'll get started at 5 a.m. at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville and finish up at about 3:30 p.m.

Scott briefly served in the Navy. His first work day, a concept borrowed from former Democratic Gov. Bob Graham, was in a doughnut shop. Scott started building his massive fortune with the purchase of a doughnut shop. His second work day was in a school cafeteria. 

When Scott announced his work days, he said he planned to circle back to jobs he's had in the past. In addition to time in the Navy and making doughnuts, that includes cleaning phone booths (can't wait to see that one), selling groceries and delivering newspapers.


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It figures he'd go to NAS Jax where regular people can't gain access to give him the usual Pink Slips. I wonder if he'll sell these Navy men & women double charged sodas like he did when he was in the Navy.

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