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Scott appoints well-known GOP attorney to Broward hospital board

David Di Pietro learned today that Gov. Rick Scott has appointed him to the North Broward Hospital District Board. Di Pietro is a well-connected GOP attorney with long South Florida roots -- he worked for Broward State Attorney Mike Satz, Conrad & Scherer (Bill Scherer was a longtime attorney in the past for the district) and in August launched his own firm. Di Pietro, who lives in Oakland Park, has served as general counsel to the Broward GOP in the past.


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Ricks best move yet!


Finally, an honest commissioner! Go get 'em, David!


Excellent choice. DiPietro is an upstanding individual who will be an asset to the Board.

Phillip Henry

Well deserved David

Jerry Williams

I practice in the criminal defense field. I've known David since he started working for Mike Satz as a trial prosecutor years ago. He's a very capable, ethical attorney and will be an asset to the board.


I voted for Fred and just had a fnlieeg during that election voters were not aware of the BSWCD. I agree that if Ms. Thomas and Mr. Kout are interested in a seat, the person that does not win should be appointed to Seat 3. Do you get a fnlieeg that this is a spring board to other political aspirations for some of the candidates? Thank you for the writeup.

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