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Scott: Private sector soaking up state government job cuts

6069491292_3da8cc1e56.jpgFlorida announced a 10.7 percent unemployment rate today, the third consecutive month the jobless rate has remained steady.

Scott, who has tied his political fortune to job creation, gave little hint of any disappointment. Instead, he implied that the steady rate was to be expected because of the 4,500 jobs the state cut this year.

Here's his statement: "The August job numbers prove that when you reduce the size, scope and cost of government, it allows the private sector jobs to grow," Scott said. "For every job lost in the public sector, Florida gained two jobs in the private sector. There is still a long road ahead, but by removing the red tape that restricts economic development we are on the right path to getting Florida back to work.

"The addition of more than 71,000 jobs since the beginning of the year is positive news for all Floridians and businesses and is a potent reminder that by making tough choices, we are doing the right things to turn the economy around."


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How does this pathological liar make a direct correlation between government job cuts and private sector job creation? He can't, but so many sheep will believe this crock of cra....

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