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Scott says he'd support 'cautious' drilling for oil in the Everglades


Jumping on a suggestion offered up last week by Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachman, Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday said he does support oil drilling in the Everglades, although he didn't make it clear how far he'd like to go. Oil drilling is currently limited to a small area held by the Collier family. It produces low grade crude, used for tarring roads -- not the high grade kind used to fuel vehicles.

Scott's reaction was quite different from Florida's previous governor. In 2008, when GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson told Florida reporters that he would be open to more drilling in the Everglades, then-Gov. Charlie Crist quickly interrupted.

"We would prefer we not do that," Crist said.

Here's what the Florida governor said, in answer to a question from the audience about whether he supports Bachman's suggestion that there be oil drilling in the Everglades.

"There’s a road in Naples called 'Oil Well Road.' So, we already have oil drilling,'' he said. "We’ve done it since I think 1943. I think first off people are very shocked that we have it already. They don’t know that. I think we have to be very cautious on any oil drilling, whether it’s already in the state, or in our beaches, or in the Gulf because we aren’t going to ruin our environment.

"With regard to the Everglades, I think we have to be very cautious if there’s going to be any more drilling. It’s my understanding, we haven't had any problems to date so my goal would be to be very cautious."

-- Times/Herald reporter Michael C. Bender contributed to this report


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Can't Take It Anymore

Of course Skeletor sees no problem drilling for oil in the Glades. He is a one term governor and will move back to his real home in Texas in 2015. Any rape and plunder done under his watch will have absolutely no impact on him. This is how he grew rich: buy up troubled public hospitals with leveraged (borrowed) money, loot them of every asset in sight, borrow enormous amounts of money against claimed future earnings which goes into his pockets), and then sell (flip) what remains to some sucker who thinks they will be able to the same thing. Never stick around once you have set the house afire.


I am positive he said "I think first off people are very shocked that we HAVEN'T already." Instead of saying we "have it" already. Have it already doesnt make sense and isn't proper english and it changes around what he meant completely. Can you please double check this and change it if you think its necessary? It's really important to know the meaning of that sentence, and if it's not properly quoted in the first media source thats reported on it it's going to change the source for all other stations nationally. Thanks!

Tally Folly

I guess he thought Bachman received a favorable response to threatening the Everglades and damaging our fragile aquifer, and water supply that sustains the economic base of the State.

K Dale Frazier

I hope 'n pray that the good citizens and voters of Florida DON'T elect this joker another term in office ..He is RUINING this beautiful state ...

A Facebook User

Corkscrew Swamp (East of Bonita Springs FL - NE of Naples) used to be my favorite S FL wildlife hangout. After the Everglades turned somewhat unfavorable for bird viewing. I went through the middle of the state, past Immokalee, The Catholic University and Town of Ave Marie and even used Oil Well road. I believe I saw an oil well. What shocked me is how the state would refurbish and widen roads, allow Ave Marie to be built, etc. etc. all while saying we had to save the FL Panther. It seems to me we don't really care about the FL Panther, et. al. If people who care don't stand up now and say NO to those that only care about business and making more money, we will lose the Everglades. I'm quite convinced of that. Stand up and say NO! Do it NOW!!!! / Stuart Krantz, Parkland FL


Better stop John Kasich`s clone befor he kills the Everglades. Here in Ohio Kasich is trying to kill our state parks with fracking. Too bad we don`t impeach these jokers.

Rita DesLoges

I disagreed with JEB on most issues but he wanted to preserve the Everglades. These s###heads can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time.


wow..is there no end to the damage this clown is willing to do...tell everyone you know about what a villian he is and make sure to remind them of their obligation to get him out of office POST HASTE

Eye ON Citrus

Help these people fight the ignorance of Scott, click, or copy and paste into browser address window.


Hank Himmelbaum

There are already oil wells in the Everglades. The Collier family owns them from before the Everglades became a National Park. The field is 12 miles wide and 120 miles long, but there are only nine drilling pads in that whole area. Can you imagine how out of control this can get and what it would do to the beauty of this area. One mistake and the whole environment is ruined. You can't get emergency equipment into that in case of a disaster. This is not a viable place to drill or it would have already been done on a bigger scale. This Governor has to go. He knows how to make money, but he has no clue how to govern.

Christopher Allison

This is hilarious. Cautious drilling in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in our country. In a hurricane prone area. Do these people even thing. Wait. That was a rhetorical question.

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