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Senator Nan Rich considering a run for governor

      Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich is so unhappy with Governor Rick Scott, she's thinking about running against him in 2014. Term limits will force Rich out of office next year.

Rich has long been an advocate for children and social service issues. WLRN Miami Herald reporter Gina Jordan tells us Rich is seriously considering a run for governor because she feels those issues aren't getting the proper attention from the Republican-controlled Governor's Office and Legislature. 



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Saint Petersblog

News that Nan Rich may run for Governor has to be music to Charlie Crist's ears



Please don't run Nan, just retire. I know you politicians have a hard time getting back into the real world but you'll lose a primary badly. U may have name ID ur small state senate district, but no one else knows u. U can't raise the money you'll need, & we dems need someone who can win. Please just retire, you've done great work as a senator...go find a regular job.

George Fuller

Great Nan.......sounds like you would make a great Dem candidate.....Or how about Joyner.....she should give everybody a laugh or two......or maybe have Joyner for Lt. Gov.....that has no duties.....pefect


This is great news!!! So many of us across Florida have been waiting for a strong, progressive candidate who puts the people of Florida first instead of the big corporations and the already wealthy. Sen. Rich really cares about all the people of Florida, not just those who can afford to line the pockets of candidates. Her focus on children's issues alone makes her stand out from all the Republicans who put children LAST and working families next to last. I can't wait to campaign for her! Thank you, Sen Rich!!!!!!


Good for you, Nan. It's about time someone who has the pulse of the middle class citizens of Florida cares enough to try and make a difference. I'm right behind you all the way!

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