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The John Weaver Rule

Of all the rules of thumb in politics comes a new one, the John Weaver Rule for Political Advisers: When you're the focus of so much criticism that a candidate at a nationally televised debate has to defend something you said, you've done deep harm to the person who signs your checks.

So it is with Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's senior advisor, Weaver, who has left a trail of hard feelings and big bills at the campaign. Huntsman earlier this month was asked about comments by Weaver, and Huntsman shot back with a talk-to-John-Weaver response.

Too bad Weaver doesn't take calls, except from a few Beltway favorites. But that's not much of a surprise concerning all the bad things former campaign workers have to say about him.

Now comes Spencer Geissinger, former higher-up for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who trashes Weaver in this piece by The Daily Caller that takes up five web pages and leaves the reader wondering: Why is this guy still employed?

Maybe there's another John Weaver Rule: A successful adviser is one who knows how to find deep-pocketed candidates, bill deep-pocketed candidates and collect from deep pocketed candidates.



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