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Was Florida first to require drug testing for welfare?

"Hooray for Florida !!!!"

A recent chain e-mail cheers on Florida's new law requiring drug-testing for welfare applicants: "Great going, Florida. You set the stage for the other 49 States to join! Kudos to Republican Governor Rick Scott for having the correctness and guts to move forward on this critical issue ! ... Florida is the first state requiring drug testing to receive welfare!"

Our eyes lit upon the message's first factual claim: "Florida is the first state requiring drug testing to receive welfare!" 

Is this true? PolitiFact Florida checked it out.


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Drug Test Friend

Florida was the first to implement the new drug testing program for welfare applicants however there is still much debate on the fairness of this issue. Once the topic of testing those who came up the bill was brought to the table, the guidelines for drug testing suddenly changed.

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