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Was Rick Scott a Mitt Romney man in 2008?

Gov. Rick Scott rarely misses an opportunity to plug Texas Gov. Rick Perry although he says he hasn't decided whether he'll endorse in the presidential primary. But which candidate did he support in Florida's high-profile 2008 GOP race?

"I don't remember," Scott told the Times/Herald.

Scott said he probably voted for whomever he gave a campaign donation. He gave $2,300 to Mitt Romney six weeks before Florida's Jan. 29 election, which was won by John McCain. Scott then gave $2,300 to McCain on March 11, one week after the Arizona Republican clinched the party's nomination.


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George Fuller

Perhaps Scott likes Perry because he too is a Governor of a Sanctuary State........

Perry is ahead of catering to illegals though since he signed into law the Dream Act for illegal alien students years earlier.......and has never supported mandatory e-verify......


Stating "I don't know" is the utterly repugnant response that we should expect from the evasive Scott. Either way, that response should serve as a notice of his unfitness for office. If he truly doesn't remember then his mind is clearly not sharp enough to lead Florida. If he's being disingenuous, which is the likely scenario, then he's not trustworthy enough to be in public office.

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