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2 Rick Scott heavy hitters join Rick Perry's team

Time magazine notes that Republican Rick Perry's presidential team has hired Curt Anderson and Nelson Warfield, two message-miesters who "have long histories with the tax reform/simplification movement — key as Perry starts selling his flat tax. Warfield also had a period of criticizing the flat tax, as a spokesman for Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign, when Steve Forbes was touting such a proposal; Warfield will now be Forbes' colleague on the Perry campaign."

There's another crucial part of their biographies: Both were part of Gov. Rick Scott's juggernaut campaign that turned a nobody into a political animal who bested the Republican establishment's candidate for governor in 2010: Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum.

Will Scott's pollster/strategist Tony Fabrizio be far behind? We hear the campaign and Fabrizio are in talks. But talk is cheap. Fabrizio isn't.


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