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Another Cuban-American pol weighs in on Marco Rubio versus the Washington Post

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, issued this statement on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's dispute with a Washington Post article that says Rubio embellished facts about his parents' move from Cuba to the U.S. Here's her statement:

"Marco's family experience is that of the typical Cuban exile family, and there should be no doubt about this. His parents were unable to permanently return to their native homeland due to the repressive Castro regime. They may have come before the tyrant assumed absolute control but communism is an evil system of government and they wanted nothing to do with it, as was the case with thousands of us."

"The recent press article suggesting ill intentions behind the story of Marco's parent’s arrival to the US shows a complete lack of knowledge for what his parents, my parents, and others went through after their homeland was taken over by totalitarian gangsters. 53 long years after these tyrants came to power, the nightmare continues but we are all very hopeful that the end of the octogenarian thugs misrule is coming to an end. My political instincts tell me that the truth behind this non-story is that some find that a conservative Hispanic is an inconvenient truth."