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Another Cuban-American pol weighs in on Marco Rubio versus the Washington Post

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, issued this statement on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's dispute with a Washington Post article that says Rubio embellished facts about his parents' move from Cuba to the U.S. Here's her statement:

"Marco's family experience is that of the typical Cuban exile family, and there should be no doubt about this. His parents were unable to permanently return to their native homeland due to the repressive Castro regime. They may have come before the tyrant assumed absolute control but communism is an evil system of government and they wanted nothing to do with it, as was the case with thousands of us."

"The recent press article suggesting ill intentions behind the story of Marco's parent’s arrival to the US shows a complete lack of knowledge for what his parents, my parents, and others went through after their homeland was taken over by totalitarian gangsters. 53 long years after these tyrants came to power, the nightmare continues but we are all very hopeful that the end of the octogenarian thugs misrule is coming to an end. My political instincts tell me that the truth behind this non-story is that some find that a conservative Hispanic is an inconvenient truth."


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Do you also write the press releases for Rubio? When will you disclose you work for him?

Tired of the lies!

Ileana, no one is disputing that the parents did not return to live in Communist Cuba, or how they feel about the totalitarian communist state. But the real story is that they were not Cuban exiles, like the rest of us, who left after Fidel Castro took power on January 1, 1959. No manner of words by you or anyone else will change the reality of when they came...that is a matter of record. Stop defending him, and making light of the lies he has promoted. unless you want to become a tool and part of the slick embellishment too!


Marco Rubio. Facts are stubborn things. Stop lying.
Apologize for the lies. Move on. But be very careful
what u say next. Especially about the return to Cuba
in 1961...the coverup can be worse than the crime


The smart Cubans saw the commie Castro waging his revolution from 1953 and continuing. They knew what was coming and fled before the new tyrant gained power. They fled when they saw a corrupt strongman consolidating a dictator's power and knew that the red revolutionary war was inevitable. To exile ones own family, rather than wait to get out until it might be too late to escape the totalitarian grasp of the reds is no less to be an exile. How manyh of the "exiles" were specifically exiled by Castro, after he took power? So what's the big deal, really?

Johnny Hothead

Clearly, it's a case of Marco wanting to have his cake (his parents choosing to leave during the corrupt Batista regime) and eat it too (wanting to claim his parents left because of the communist dictator Castro). It appears the real trouble lies in the fact that Rubio's parents left during Batista's rule and returned during Castro's. The vast majority of people who left after 1/1/59 supported the Batista regime and opposed Castro. Whose regime did they really support and when did they support it?

Martha L

Wow!! The left will use anything to attack a very successful Latin politician who is a Conservative. I was also brought here by my parents in 1962 in a flight away from the communist tyranny established by Castro. If the Rubio family came here before Castro's ascent to power is not the issue, the issue is that they has to come back here and never go back to their beloved Cuba, as my family did, because living under a Socialist regime where there is no freedom or individual rights is despicable. The Rubio's are here becaused they ultimately could not stay there, it's tha simple. . It is never an easy decision to become an exiled stranger in another land because you have lost your own.

ross thomas

Over the years, I've know several Cuban exiles who left the country immediately after Castro's take over. They barely escaped with their lives and arrived here with nothing. Marco Rubio's parents are not these people. It was wrong of him to portray them as such. He did it simply to enhance his chances of winning political office. Shame on him.


Is it not time for "official Cubans" to stop "circling the wagons" and rallying around anyone in their official group when someone raises an issue of fact in apparent conflict with prior statements, postings, writings etc., of that person.
DO NOT DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE! It makes you look bad and weakens your position. The original discoverer and publisher of the information (birther blogger Kershner in May 2011) was originally pro Rubio until he encountered the politician's "bob and weave" from Rubio staff members in response to his inquiries. Something seemed rotten and he dug deeper until his "Eureka," or "aha" moment.

Mark Anderson

I won't use anything to attack Marcio Rubio, just his lies.

Robert Jenkins

Valor Robado!!! You can no more defend Rubio's lies on this without, causing harm and pain to the real heroic exiles. Many fought their way off the island and barely escaped. Rubio's attempt to steal their Valor is repulsive at best. I wonder if Florida's Stolen Valor Law could apply here? After all did not Marco Rubio himself vote for this law to be passed?

Sidd Hoffman

Break out the violins and cry me a river Illeana Ros-Lehtinen .He lied . The Republican think tanks write his script .He is a wet noodle and shows that he cannot think for himself , letalone for the Tea Party ....unless given a script .


Wow, Republicans always make excuses for each other, no matter what.

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